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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
15-Feb-2023Structure–Thermodynamic Relationship of a Polysaccharide Gel (Alginate) as a Function of Water Content and Counterion Type (Na vs Ca)Agles, Avery; Bourg, Ian C.
6-Feb-2023Probing itinerant carrier dynamics at the diamond surface using single nitrogen vacancy centersMahdia, Marjana; Allred, James; Yuan, Zhiyang; Rovny, Jared; de Leon, Nathalie P
1-Feb-2023Why MagNet: Quantifying the Complexity of Modeling Power Magnetic Material CharacteristicsChen, Minjie; Serrano, Diego; Li, Haoran; Wang, Shukai; Guillod, Thomas; et al
20-Jan-2023Room-Temperature Photochromism of Silicon Vacancy Centers in CVD DiamondWood, A; Lozovoi, A; Zhang, Z; Sharma, S; López-Morales, GI; et al
15-Jan-2023North Atlantic Tropical Cyclone Outer Size and Structure Remain Unchanged by the Late Twenty-First CenturySchenkel, Benjamin A; Chavas, Daniel; Lin, Ning; Knutson, Thomas; Vecchi, Gabriel; et al
2023ZeroWaste: Towards Computing Cooperative Robotic Sequences for the Disassembly and Reuse of Timber Frame Structures.Bruun, Edvard P.G.; Besler, Erin; Adriaenssens, Sigrid; Parascho, Stefana
22-Dec-2022Nanoscale covariance magnetometry with diamond quantum sensorsRovny, Jared; Yuan, Zhiyang; Fitzpatrick, Mattias; Abdalla, Ahmed I; Futamura, Laura; et al
14-Dec-2022Probing Spin Dynamics on Diamond Surfaces Using a Single Quantum SensorDwyer, Bo L; Rodgers, Lila VH; Urbach, Elana K; Bluvstein, Dolev; Sangtawesin, Sorawis; et al
12-Dec-2022MHDeep: Mental Health Disorder Detection System based on Body-Area and Deep Neural NetworksHassantabar, Shayan; Zhang, Joe; Yin, Hongxu; Jha, Niraj K
Dec-2022The Intersection of Conflict-related Sexual Violence Against Men, Boys, and LGBTQI+ Persons and Human TrafficingBuckinx, Barbara; Hogg, Charu Lata; Vaughn, Leona
29-Nov-2022XNAS: A Regressive/Progressive NAS for Deep LearningKung, SY
23-Nov-2022DINI: Data Imputation Using Neural Inversion for Edge ApplicationsTuli, Shikhar; Jha, Niraj K
31-Oct-2022Machine‐Learning Spectral Indicators of TopologyAndrejevic, Nina; Andrejevic, Jovana; Bernevig, Bogdan A.; Regnault, Nicolas; Han, Fei; et al
19-Oct-2022Belayer: Modeling discrete and continuous spatial variation in gene expression from spatially resolved transcriptomicsMa, Cong; Chitra, Uthsav; Zhang, Shirley; Raphael, Benjamin J.
13-Oct-2022NiN-Passivated NiO Hole-Transport Layer Improves Halide Perovskite-Based Solar CellItzhak, Anat; He, Xu; Kama, Adi; Kumar, Sujit; Ejgenberg, Michal; et al
10-Oct-2022Ensembles of realistic power distribution networksMeyur, Rounak; Vullikanti, Anil; Swarup, Samarth; Mortveit, Henning S; Centeno, Virgilio; et al
6-Oct-2022How Microtubules Build the Spindle Branch by BranchTravis, Sophie M; Mahon, Brian P; Petry, Sabine
Oct-2022A decoupled SPH-FEM analysis of hydrodynamic wave pressure on hyperbolic-paraboloid thin-shell coastal armor and corresponding structural responseWu, Gaoyuan; Garlock, Maria E.; Wang, Shengzhe
20-Sep-2022Water Adsorption on Mica Surfaces with Hydrophilicity Tuned by Counterion Types (Na, K, and Cs) and Structural FluorinationKoishi, Ayumi; Lee, Sang Soo; Fenter, Paul; Fernandez-Martinez, Alejandro; Bourg, Ian C
15-Sep-2022Spectroscopy of Twisted Bilayer Graphene Correlated InsulatorsCălugăru, Dumitru; Regnault, Nicolas; Oh, Myungchul; Nuckolls, Kevin P.; Wong, Dillon; et al