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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
30-May-2019The metabolites NADP+ and NADPH are the targets of the circadian protein Nocturnin (Curled).Estrella, Michael A; Du, Jin; Chen, Li; Rath, Sneha; Prangley, Eliza; et al
Aug-2018Escherichia coli translation strategies differ across carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus limitation conditions.Li, Sophia Hsin-Jung; Li, Zhiyuan; Park, Junyoung O; King, Christopher G; Rabinowitz, Joshua D; et al
Apr-2018Common and divergent features of galactose-1-phosphate and fructose-1-phosphate toxicity in yeast.Gibney, Patrick A; Schieler, Ariel; Chen, Jonathan C; Bacha-Hummel, Jessie M; Botstein, Maxim; et al
Oct-2017Bisphosphoglycerate mutase controls serine pathway flux via 3-phosphoglycerate.Oslund, Rob C; Su, Xiaoyang; Haugbro, Michael; Kee, Jung-Min; Esposito, Mark; et al
25-Jul-2017Long-term hepatitis B infection in a scalable hepatic co-culture system.Winer, Benjamin Y.; Huang, Tiffany S.; Pludwinski, Eitan; Heller, Brigitte; Wojcik, Felix; et al
20-Mar-2017A Vibrio cholerae autoinducer–receptor pair that controls biofilm formationPapenfort, Kai; Silpe, Justin E; Schramma, Kelsey R; Cong, Jian-Ping; Seyedsayamdost, Mohammad R; et al
28-Dec-2016Insight into Transmetalation Enables Cobalt-Catalyzed Suzuki-Miyaura Cross CouplingNeely, Jamie M; Bezdek, Mate J; Chirik, Paul J
15-Jan-2016Strong topological metal material with multiple Dirac conesJi, Huiwen; Pletikosić, Ivo's; Gibson, Quinn D.; Sahasrabudhe, Girija S.; Valla, Tonica; et al
12-May-2015Characterizing the in vivo role of trehalose in Saccharomyces cerevisiae using the AGT1 transporterGibney, Patrick A; Schieler, Ariel; Chen, Jonathan C; Rabinowitz, Joshua D; Botstein, David
17-Mar-2015Polytypism, polymorphism, and superconductivity in TaSe 2 −x Te xLuo, Huixia; Xie, Weiwei; Tao, Jing; Inoue, Hiroyuki; Gyenis, András; et al
21-Jan-2015Discovery of Protein- and DNA-Imperceptible Nanoparticle Hard Coating Using Gel-Based Reaction TuningWelsher, Kevin; McManus, Simon A; Hsia, Chih-Hao; Yin, Shuhui; Yang, Haw
2015Imaging the behavior of molecules in biological systems: breaking the 3D speed barrier with 3D multi-resolution microscopyWelsher, Kevin; Yang, Haw
2015Combined Effects of Functional Groups, Lattice Defects, and Edges in the Infrared Spectra of Graphene OxideZhang, Cui; Dabbs, Daniel M.; Liu, Li-Min; Aksay, Ilhan A.; Car, Roberto; et al
23-Dec-2014Kinetics Profiling of Gramicidin S Synthetase A, a Member of Nonribosomal Peptide SynthetasesSun, Xun; Li, Hao; Alfermann, Jonas; Mootz, Henning D; Yang, Haw
20-Aug-2014“Plug-and-Go” Strategy To Manipulate Streptavidin ValenciesSun, Xun; Montiel, Daniel; Li, Hao; Yang, Haw
22-Jul-2014Stochastic Localization of Microswimmers by Photon NudgingBregulla, Andreas P; Yang, Haw; Cichos, Frank
17-Jul-2014Analysis of Trajectory Entropy for Continuous Stochastic Processes at EquilibriumHaas, Kevin R; Yang, Haw; Chu, Jhih-Wei
28-Apr-2014Nucleotide degradation and ribose salvage in yeastXu, Y-F; Letisse, F; Absalan, F; Lu, W; Kuznetsova, E; et al
20-Mar-2014Trajectory Entropy of Continuous Stochastic Processes at EquilibriumHaas, Kevin R; Yang, Haw; Chu, Jhih-Wei
1-Jan-2014Confocal single-molecule FRET for protein conformational dynamicsTan, YW; Hanson, JA; Chu, JW; Yang, H