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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
14-Sep-2020Cytotoxic alkyl-quinolones mediate surface-induced virulence in Pseudomonas aeruginosaVrla, Geoffrey D; Esposito, Mark; Zhang, Chen; Kang, Yibin; Seyedsayamdost, Mohammad R; et al
29-May-2020A tps1Δ persister-like state in Saccharomyces cerevisiae is regulated by MKT1Gibney, Patrick A; Chen, Anqi; Schieler, Ariel; Chen, Jonathan C; Xu, Yifan; et al
1-Dec-2019Author Correction: Layer-dependent quantum cooperation of electron and hole states in the anomalous semimetal WTe2.Das, Pranab Kumar; Di Sante, Domenico; Vobornik, Ivana; Fujii, J.; Okuda, T.; et al
28-Jun-2019Magnetoelastic excitation spectrum in the rare-earth pyrochlore Tb2Ti2O7Ruminy, M; Guitteny, S; Robert, J; Regnault, LP; Boehm, M; et al
30-May-2019The metabolites NADP+ and NADPH are the targets of the circadian protein Nocturnin (Curled).Estrella, Michael A; Du, Jin; Chen, Li; Rath, Sneha; Prangley, Eliza; et al
Apr-2019Magnetic interactions and spin dynamics in the bond-disordered pyrochlore fluoride NaCaCo2 F7Zeisner, Julian; Bräuninger, S. A.; Opherden, Lars; Sarkar, Denis Ivanovich; Gorbunov, Denis Ivanovich; et al
8-Mar-2019Ionic and electronic properties of the topological insulator Bi2Te2Se investigated via β -detected nuclear magnetic relaxation and resonance of Li 8McFadden, Ryan M.L.; Chatzichristos, Aris; Chow, Kim H.; Cortie, David Laurence; Dehn, Martin H.; et al
1-Mar-2019Synthesis and physical properties of the 10.6 K ferromagnet NdIr3Górnicka, Karolina; Xie, Weiwei; Carnicom, Elizabeth M.; Cava, Robert Joseph; Klimczuk, Tomasz W.
1-Mar-2019Unevolved de novo proteins have innate tendencies to bind transition metalsWang, Michael S.; Hoegler, Kenric J.; Hecht, Michael H.
20-Feb-2019Realization of a Type-II Nodal-Line Semimetal in Mg3Bi2Chang, Tay-Rong; Pletikosic, Ivo; Kong, Tai; Bian, Guang; Huang, Angus; et al
18-Feb-2019Universal hidden order in amorphous cellular geometries.Klatt, Michael A.; Lovrić, Jakov; Chen, Duyu; Kapfer, Sebastian C.; Schaller, Fabian M.; et al
11-Feb-2019Hyperuniformity order metric of Barlow packings.Middlemas, T. M.; Stillinger, Frank H.; Torquato, Salvatore
11-Feb-2019Hyperuniformity of generalized random organization models.Ma, Zheng; Torquato, Salvatore
2-Jan-2019Structure and stability of NaTa O3(001) and KTa O3(001) surfacesZhao, Xunhua; Selloni, Annabella
1-Jan-2019A New Magnetic Topological Quantum Material Candidate by DesignGui, X; Pletikosic, I; Cao, H; Tien, HJ; Xu, X; et al
Jan-2019Hyperuniformity and anti-hyperuniformity in one-dimensional substitution tilings.Oğuz, Erdal C.; Socolar, Joshua E.S.; Steinhardt, Paul J.; Torquato, Salvatore
Jan-2019Trimer-based spin liquid candidate Ba4NbIr3O12Nguyen, Loi Thuan; Cava, Robert Joseph
10-Dec-2018Defective respiration and one-carbon metabolism contribute to impaired naïve T cell activation in aged miceRon-Harel, Noga; Notarangelo, Giulia; Ghergurovich, Jonathan M; Paulo, Joao A; Sage, Peter T; et al
1-Dec-2018Independence of topological surface state and bulk conductance in three-dimensional topological insulatorsCai, Shu; Guo, Jing; Sidorov, Vladimir A.; Zhou, Yazhou; Wang, Honghong; et al
Dec-2018From Colossal to Zero: Controlling the Anomalous Hall Effect in Magnetic Heusler Compounds via Berry Curvature DesignManna, Kaustuv; Muechler, Lukas; Kao, Ting-Hui; Stinshoff, Rolf; Zhang, Yang; et al