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Near Eastern Studies

Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
2020Maimonides’ Menstrual Reform in EgyptKrakowski, Eve
28-Oct-2019Introduction: A Handbook for Documentary Geniza Research in the Twenty-First CenturyKrakowski, Eve; Goldberg, Jessica
23-Oct-2019The Fatimid PetitionRustow, Marina
2019Persian in Arabic: Identity Politics and Macaronic Abbasid PoetryHarb, Lara
2015Form, Content, and the Inimitability of the Qurʾān in ʿAbd al-Qāhir al-Jurjānī’s WorksHarb, Lara
2015Written and oral aspects of an early Wahhābī epistleCook, Michael
2015Muḥammad’s deputies in MedinaCook, Michael
2014The appeal of Islamic fundamentalismCook, Michael
2014"To the Arab Hebrew": On Possibilities and ImpossibilitiesGribetz, Jonathan
2014The Language of Paradise in Safavid Iran: Speech and Cosmology in the Thought of Āẕar Kayvān and His FollowersSheffield, Daniel
2014Yerushalmi and the ConversosRustow, Marina
2013"Their Blood is Eastern': Shahin Makaryus and Fin de Siècle Arab Pride in the Jewish 'Race'Gribetz, Jonathan
2013The Political Failure of Islamic LawHaykel, Bernard
2012The Question of Palestine before the International Community, 1924: A Methodological Inquiry into the Charge of ““Bias””Gribetz, Jonathan
2012A Treasury of Zoroastrian Manuscripts: The First Dastoor Meherjirana Library, NavsariKotwal, Firoze; Sheffield, Daniel; Boyd, J
2012Picturing Prophethood: KRCOI Zarātushtnāma Manuscript HP 149 and the Origins of the Portrait of ZarathustraSheffield, Daniel
2011Abdürrezzak Bedirhan: Ottoman Kurd and Russophile in the Twilight of EmpireReynolds, Michael
2010A Petition to a Woman at the Fatimid CourtRustow, Marina
May-2009Buffers, not Brethren: Young Turk Military Policy in the First World War and the Myth of Panturanism,Reynolds, Michael
2009The Wizirgerd ī Dēnīg and the Evil Spirit: Questions of Authenticity in Post-Classical ZoroastrianismSheffield, Daniel