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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
Feb-2014Targeting tumor–stromal interactions in bone metastasisEsposito, Mark; Kang, Yibin
Apr-2017A martingale analysis of first passage times of time-dependent Wiener diffusion modelsSrivastava, Vaibhav; Feng, Samuel F; Cohen, Jonathan D; Leonard, Naomi Ehrich; Shenhav, Amitai
1-Jan-2013Cooperative learning in multi-agent systems from intermittent measurementsLeonard, NE; Olshevsky, A
Jan-2014Adaptive network dynamics and evolution of leadership in collective migrationPais, Darren; Leonard, Naomi E
1-Dec-2011Nonuniform coverage control on the lineLeonard, NE; Olshevsky, A
Nov-2013Nonuniform coverage control on the lineLeonard, Naomi Ehrich; Olshevsky, Alex
13-Oct-2016RSK2 signals through stathmin to promote microtubule dynamics and tumor metastasisAlesi, GN; Jin, L; Li, D; Magliocca, KR; Kang, Y, et al
30-Apr-2013Tyr26 phosphorylation of PGAM1 provides a metabolic advantage to tumours by stabilizing the active conformationHitosugi, Taro; Zhou, Lu; Fan, Jun; Elf, Shannon; Zhang, Liang, et al
31-Jan-2013Starling Flock Networks Manage Uncertainty in Consensus at Low CostYoung, George F; Scardovi, Luca; Cavagna, Andrea; Giardina, Irene; Leonard, Naomi E
1-Dec-2011Rearranging trees for robust consensusYoung, GF; Scardovi, L; Leonard, NE