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Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
2020Harnessing elasticity to generate self-oscillation via an electrohydrodynamic instabilityZhu, L; Stone, Howard A
2020Nonuniform growth and surface friction determine bacterial biofilm morphology on soft substratesFei, C; Mao, S; Yan, J; Alert, R; Stone, Howard A; et al
2020Symmetrization of Thin Freestanding Liquid Films via a Capillary-Driven FlowBertin, V; Niven, J; Stone, Howard A; Salez, T; Raphaël, E; et al
2020Fundamentals of a parametric method for virtual navigation within an array of ambisonics microphonesTylka, JG; Choueiri, Edgar Y
2020Performance of linear extrapolation methods for virtual sound field navigationTylka, JG; Choueiri, Edgar Y
2020Finite Temperature Phase Behavior of Viral Capsids as Oriented Particle ShellsSingh, AR; Košmrlj, Andrej; Bruinsma, R
2020Rotation of a submerged finite cylinder moving down a soft inclineSaintyves, B; Rallabandi, B; Jules, T; Ault, J; Salez, T; et al
2020A Dynamic Observation Strategy for Multi-agent Multi-armed Bandit ProblemMadhushani, Udari; Leonard, Naomi
2020Ab Initio Kinetics of Methylamine Radical Thermal Decomposition and H-Abstraction from Monomethylhydrazine by H-AtomSun, Hongyan; Vaghjiani, Ghanshyam L; Law, Chung K
8-May-2019Spatiotemporal organization of branched microtubule networksThawani, Akanksha; Stone, Howard A; Shaevitz, Joshua W; Petry, Sabine
2019Optimization of the snowflake divertor for power and particle exhaust on NSTX–UVail, PJ; Izacard, O; Kolemen, Egemen
2019High fusion performance in Super H-mode experiments on Alcator C-Mod and DIII-DSnyder, PB; Hughes, JW; Osborne, TH; Paz-Soldan, C; Solomon, WM; et al
2019Inter-ELM pedestal localized fluctuations in tokamaks: Summary of multi-machine observationsLaggner, FM; Diallo, A; Cavedon, M; Kolemen, Egemen
2019Advances in radiated power control at DIII-DEldon, D; Kolemen, Egemen; Humphreys, DA; Hyatt, AW; Järvinen, AE; et al
2019Study of liquid metal surface wave damping in the presence of magnetic fields and electrical currentsFisher, AE; Hvasta, Mike G; Kolemen, Egemen
2019Deposition-on-contact regime and the effect of donor-acceptor distance during laser-induced forward transfer of viscoelastic liquidsTurkoz, E; Perazzo, A; Deike, Luc; Stone, Howard A; Arnold, Craig B
2019Design of the Flowing LIquid Torus (FLIT)Kolemen, Egemen; Hvasta, M; Majeski, R; Maingi, R; Brooks, A; et al
2019Kinematics of vortex ring generated by a drop upon impacting a liquid poolSaha, A; Wei, Y; Tang, X; Law, Chung K
2019Bouncing drop on liquid film: Dynamics of interfacial gas layerTang, X; Saha, A; Law, Chung K; Sun, C
2019Simultaneous detection of neoclassical tearing mode and electron cyclotron current drive locations using electron cyclotron emission in DIII-DNelson, AO; La Haye, RJ; Austin, ME; Welander, AS; Kolemen, Egemen