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Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
2019Advances in radiated power control at DIII-DEldon, D; Kolemen, Egemen; Humphreys, DA; Hyatt, AW; Järvinen, AE; et al
2019High fusion performance in Super H-mode experiments on Alcator C-Mod and DIII-DSnyder, PB; Hughes, JW; Osborne, TH; Paz-Soldan, C; Solomon, WM; et al
2019Inter-ELM pedestal localized fluctuations in tokamaks: Summary of multi-machine observationsLaggner, FM; Diallo, A; Cavedon, M; Kolemen, Egemen
2019Optimization of the snowflake divertor for power and particle exhaust on NSTX–UVail, PJ; Izacard, O; Kolemen, Egemen
2019Study of liquid metal surface wave damping in the presence of magnetic fields and electrical currentsFisher, AE; Hvasta, Mike G; Kolemen, Egemen
1-Jan-2018Demonstrating electromagnetic control of free-surface, liquid-metal flows relevant to fusion reactorsHvasta, MG; Kolemen, Egemen; Fisher, AE; Ji, H
2018Calibrationless rotating Lorentz-force flowmeters for low flow rate applicationsHvasta, MG; Dudt, D; Fisher, AE; Kolemen, Egemen
2018Electromagnetic control of heat transport within a rectangular channel filled with flowing liquid metalModestov, M; Kolemen, Egemen; Fisher, AE; Hvasta, MG
2018Experimental demonstration of hydraulic jump control in liquid metal channel flow using Lorentz forceFisher, AE; Kolemen, Egemen; Hvasta, MG
2018Plasma boundary shape control and real-time equilibrium reconstruction on NSTX-UBoyer, MD; Battaglia, DJ; Mueller, D; Eidietis, N; Erickson, K; et al
2018Nonlinear modeling of the effect of multiple locked modes on heat transportHu, QM; Du, XD; Yu, Q; Logan, NC; Kolemen, Egemen; et al
Oct-2017Overview of NSTX Upgrade initial results and modelling highlightsMenard, JE; Allain, JP; Battaglia, DJ; Bedoya, F; Bell, RE; et al
1-Jun-2017Controlling marginally detached divertor plasmasEldon, D; Kolemen, Egemen; Barton, JL; Briesemeister, AR; Humphreys, DA; et al
1-May-2017Modeling of lithium granule injection in NSTX using M3D-C1Fil, A; Kolemen, Egemen; Ferraro, N; Jardin, S; Parks, PB; et al
May-2017High-speed axial-scanning wide-field microscopy for volumetric particle tracking velocimetryChen, T-H; Ault, JT; Stone, HA; Arnold, Craig B
May-2017Simultaneous feedback control of plasma rotation and stored energy on NSTX-U using neoclassical toroidal viscosity and neutral beam injectionGoumiri, IR; Rowley, CW; Sabbagh, SA; Gates, DA; Boyer, MD; et al
Apr-2017A martingale analysis of first passage times of time-dependent Wiener diffusion modelsSrivastava, Vaibhav; Feng, Samuel F; Cohen, Jonathan D; Leonard, Naomi Ehrich; Shenhav, Amitai
Feb-2017Generation of nanoscale anticounterfeiting patterns on silicon by optical trap assisted nanopatterningChen, T-H; Tsai, Y-C; Fardel, R; Arnold, Craig B
Feb-2017Selectable light-sheet uniformity using tuned axial scanningDuocastella, Martí; Arnold, Craig B; Puchalla, Jason
23-Jan-2017Anisotropic crystallization in solution processed chalcogenide thin film by linearly polarized laserGu, Tingyi; Jeong, Hyuncheol; Yang, Kengran; Wu, Fan; Yao, Nan; et al