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Computer Science

Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
2019Rapid Prediction of Electron-Ionization Mass Spectrometry Using Neural NetworksWei, JN; Belanger, D; Adams, Ryan P; Sculley, D
2018On the optimization of deep networks: Implicit acceleration by overparameterizationArora, Sanjeev; Cohen, N; Hazan, Elad
2018A la carte embedding: Cheap but effective induction of semantic feature vectorsKhodak, M; Saunshi, N; Liang, Y; Ma, T; Stewart, Brandon; et al
2018Stronger generalization bounds for deep nets via a compression approachArora, Sanjeev; Ge, R; Neyshabur, B; Zhang, Y
1-Nov-2017Second-order stochastic optimization for machine learning in linear timeAgarwal, N; Bullins, B; Hazan, Elad
14-Oct-2017Optimized surface code communication in superconducting quantum computersJavadi-Abhari, Ali; Gokhale, P; Holmes, A; Franklin, D; Brown, KR; et al
Oct-2017Coding for Interactive Communication Correcting Insertions and DeletionsBraverman, Mark; Gelles, Ran; Mao, J; Ostrovsky, R
27-Sep-2017Network-based coverage of mutational profiles reveals cancer genesHristov, BH; Singh, Mona
25-Aug-2017Differential analysis between somatic mutation and germline variation profiles reveals cancer-related genesPrzytycki, PF; Singh, Mona
5-Jul-2017Well-posedness of the limiting equation of a noisy consensus model in opinion dynamicsChazelle, Bernard; Jiu, Q; Li, Q; Wang, C
3-Jul-2017Gaussian Learning-Without-Recall in a dynamic social networkWang, C; Chazelle, Bernard
18-Apr-2017Integrative analysis unveils new functions for the Drosophila Cutoff protein in noncoding RNA biogenesis and gene regulationPritykin, Y; Brito, T; Schupbach, Gertrud M.; Singh, Mona; Pane, A
4-Apr-2017TriCheck: Memory model verification at the trisection of software, hardware, and ISATrippel, C; Manerkar, YA; Lustig, D; Pellauer, M; Martonosi, Margaret R.
3-Apr-2017Dapper: Data plane performance diagnosis of TCPGhasemi, M; Benson, T; Rexford, Jennifer L.
3-Apr-2017Heavy-hitter detection entirely in the data planeSivaraman, V; Narayana, S; Rottenstreich, O; Muthukrishnan, S; Rexford, Jennifer L.
30-Mar-2017Ten simple rules for responsible big data researchZook, M; Barocas, S; Boyd, D; Crawford, K; Keller, E; et al
28-Feb-2017List and unique coding for interactive communication in the presence of adversarial noiseBraverman, Mark; Efremenko, K
16-Jan-2017ETH hardness for densest-k-Subgraph with perfect completenessBraverman, Mark; Ko, YK; Rubinstein, A; Weinstein, O
12-Jan-2017Computational approaches to fMRI analysisCohen, Jonathan D.; Daw, Nathaniel; Engelhardt, Barbara; Hasson, U; Li, Kai; et al
2017Escrow protocols for cryptocurrencies: How to buy physical goods using bitcoinGoldfeder, S; Bonneau, J; Gennaro, R; Narayanan, Arvind