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Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
8-Jun-2023Spreading processes with mutations over multilayer networksSood, Mansi; Sridhar, Anirudh; Eletreby, Rashad; Wu, Chai Wah; Levin, Simon A; et al
13-Oct-2022Diverse environmental perturbations reveal the evolution and context-dependency of genetic effects on gene expression levelsLea, Amanda J; Peng, Julie; Ayroles, Julien F
26-May-2022Precise Quantification of Behavioral Individuality From 80 Million Decisions Across 183,000 Fliesde Bivort, Benjamin; Buchanan, Sean; Skutt-Kakaria, Kyobi; Gajda, Erika; Ayroles, Julien; et al
19-Jan-2022Fundamental limitations on efficiently forecasting certain epidemic measures in network modelsRosenkrantz, Daniel J; Vullikanti, Anil; Ravi, SS; Stearns, Richard E; Levin, Simon; et al
4-May-2021Acting rapidly to deploy readily available methane mitigation measures by sector can immediately slow global warmingOcko, Ilissa B; Sun, Tianyi; Shindell, Drew; Oppenheimer, Michael; Hristov, Alexander N; et al
25-Jun-2020Implications of localized charge for human influenza A H1N1 hemagglutinin evolution: Insights from deep mutational scans.Saad-Roy, Chadi; Arinaminpathy, Nimalan; Wingreen, Ned; Levin, Simon; Akey, Joshua; et al
8-May-2020Dynamics in a simple evolutionary-epidemiological model for the evolution of an initial asymptomatic infection stage.Saad-Roy, Chadi; Wingreen, Ned; Levin, Simon; Grenfell, Bryan
1-May-2020Chapter 20: Modeling canine rabies virus transmission dynamicsRajeev, Malavika; Metcalf, C. Jessica E.; Hampson, Katie
19-Mar-2020Eco-evolutionary significance of “loners”Rossine, Fernando W; Martinez-Garcia, Ricardo; Sgro, Allyson E; Gregor, Thomas; Tarnita, Corina E
29-Jan-2020Social influence and interaction bias can drive emergent behavioural specialization and modular social networks across systemsTokita, Christopher K.; Tarnita, Corina E.
1-Nov-2019Reciprocity and rotating social advantage among females in egalitarian primate societiesTombak, Kaia J.; Wikberg, Eva C.; Rubenstein, Daniel I.; Chapman, Colin A.
1-Oct-2019Updated geographic range maps for giraffe, Giraffa spp., throughout sub-Saharan Africa, and implications of changing distributions for conservationO'connor, D; Stacy-Dawes, J; Muneza, A; Fennessy, J; Gobush, K; et al
17-Sep-2019On assessing the importance of demographic change for social structure: a comment on Shizuka and JohnsonRubenstein, Daniel I.
27-May-2019Phylogeography of rubella virus in Asia: Vaccination and demography shape synchronous outbreaksBozick, Brooke A; Worby, Colin J.; Metcalf, C. Jessica E.
30-Mar-2019Seasonal gaps in measles vaccination coverage in Madagascar.Mensah, K; Heraud, JM; Takahashi, Saki; Winter, AK; Metcalf, C. Jessica E.; et al
1-Jan-2019Apparent Competition, Lion Predation, and Managed Livestock Grazing: Can Conservation Value Be Enhanced?Ng'weno, Caroline C.; Buskirk, Steven W.; Georgiadis, Nicholas J.; Gituku, Benard C.; Kibungei, Alfred K.; et al
1-Jan-2019Contact Calls Facilitate Group Contraction in Free-Ranging Goats (Capra aegagrus hircus)O'Bryan, Lisa R.; Abaid, Nicole; Nakayama, Shinnosuke; Dey, Tanujit; King, Andrew J.; et al
Jan-2019Characterizing the impact of spatial clustering of susceptibility for measles elimination.Truelove, Shaun A.; Graham, Matthew; Moss, William J.; Metcalf, C. Jessica E.; Ferrari, Matthew J.; et al
2019Statistical tests for detecting variance effects in quantitative trait studiesDumitrascu, Bianca; Darnell, Gregory; Ayroles, Julien; Engelhardt, Barbara E
28-Dec-2018Modeling the measles paradox reveals the importance of cellular immunity in regulating viral clearance.Morris, Sinead E; Yates, Andrew J; de Swart, Rik L; de Vries, Rory D; Mina, Michael J; et al