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Electrical Engineering

Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
18-Jul-2018Lazy self-composition for security verificationYang, W; Vizel, Y; Subramanyan, P; Gupta, A; Malik, Sharad
Mar-2018Impact of unintentional oxygen doping on organic photodetectorsEuvrard, J; Revaux, A; Cantarano, A; Jacob, S; Kahn, Antoine; et al
13-Feb-2018Characterization of the Valence and Conduction Band Levels of n = 1 2D Perovskites: A Combined Experimental and Theoretical InvestigationSilver, S; Yin, J; Li, H; Brédas, J-L; Kahn, Antoine
12-Jun-2018Strain Transfer for Optimal Performance of Sensing Sheet.Gerber, Matthew; Weaver, Campbell; Aygun, Levent E; Verma, Naveen; Sturm, James C; et al
29-Jan-2018Disordered quantum spin chains with long-range antiferromagnetic interactionsMoure, N; Lee, H-Y; Haas, S; Bhatt, Ravindra N; Kettemann, S
31-Jul-2017Connection between Fermi contours of zero-field electrons and ν= 12 composite fermions in two-dimensional systemsIppoliti, M; Geraedts, SD; Bhatt, Ravindra N
2-Feb-2017Absence of many-body localization in a single Landau levelGeraedts, SD; Bhatt, Ravindra N
22-Dec-2017All-optical digital-to-spike conversion using a graphene excitable laserPhilip, YMA; Shastri, BJ; De Lima, TF; Tait, AN; Nahmias, MA; et al
26-Nov-2017The formation of polymer-dopant aggregates as a possible origin of limited doping efficiency at high dopant concentrationEuvrard, J; Revaux, A; Bayle, P-A; Bardet, M; Vuillaume, D; et al
26-Oct-2017Heitler-London model for acceptor-acceptor interactions in doped semiconductorsDurst, AC; Castoria, KE; Bhatt, Ravindra N
25-Sep-2017Composite fermions in bands with N -fold rotational symmetryIppoliti, M; Geraedts, SD; Bhatt, Ravindra N
7-Sep-2017Evolution of quantum entanglement with disorder in fractional quantum Hall liquidsLiu, Z; Bhatt, Ravindra N
10-Jul-2017Localization and transport in a strongly driven Anderson insulatorAgarwal, K; Ganeshan, S; Bhatt, Ravindra N
22-Jun-2017Quality of spatial entanglement propagationReichert, M; Sun, X; Fleischer, Jason W
16-May-2017Numerical study of anisotropy in a composite Fermi liquidIppoliti, M; Geraedts, SD; Bhatt, Ravindra N
16-Mar-2017Biphoton transmission through non-unitary objectsReichert, M; Defienne, H; Sun, X; Fleischer, Jason W
13-Feb-2017Emergent local integrals of motion without a complete set of localized eigenstatesGeraedts, SD; Bhatt, Ravindra N; Nandkishore, R
10-Feb-2017Observation of a dissipative phase transition in a one-dimensional circuit QED latticeFitzpatrick, M; Sundaresan, NM; Li, ACY; Koch, J; Houck, Andrew A
2017Investigation of the High Electron Affinity Molecular Dopant F6‐TCNNQ for Hole‐Transport MaterialsZhang, Fengyu; Kahn, Antoine
19-Aug-2016P-doped organic semiconductor: Potential replacement for PEDOT:PSS in organic photodetectorsHerrbach, J; Revaux, A; Vuillaume, D; Kahn, Antoine