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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
UndatedOSCE at 45: A New Spirit of HelsinkiKoja, Clemens; Raunig, Florian; Strohal, Christian
UndatedThe European Union's Defense DimensionPulkkinen, Esa
UndatedGender, Law, and Security: Selected Student Research from the Project on Gender and the Global Community 2019-2020Buckinx, Barbara; English, Beth; Hong, Seoyoung; Paudel, Liza; Lewis, Katrin; et al
UndatedClimate, State, and Sovereignty: Self-Determination and Sea Level RiseHioureas, Christina; Torres Camprubí, Alejandra
24Cerebellar plasticity and motor learning deficits in a copy-number variation mouse model of autismPiochon, Claire; Kloth, Alexander D; Grasselli, Giorgio; Titley, Heather K; Nakayama, Hisako; et al
17-May-2024Race, Democracy, and Empire: Delegates to Congress from DC and the TerritoriesMamet, Elliot; Bussing, Austin
19-Mar-2024Recent insights from non-mammalian models of brain injuries: an emerging literatureKatchur, Nicole J.; Notterman, Daniel A.
3-Jan-2024Higher emissions scenarios lead to more extreme flooding in the United StatesKim, Hanbeen; Villarini, Gabriele
2024Cooperative Robotic Fabrication for a Circular EconomyBruun, Edvard P.G.; Parascho, Stefana; Adriaenssens, Sigrid
2024The New Jersey Families Study; Spring 2024Espenshade, Thomas J.
20-Dec-2023Relics and rapprochement: The intricacies of cultural diplomacy in China’s first archaeological exhibition in the U.S. during the Cold War eraChan, Shing-Kwan
20-Dec-2023Charge-state stability of color centers in wide band gap semiconductorsKuate Defo, Rodrick; Rodriguez, Alejandro W.; Richardson, Steven L.
10-Oct-2023From Ludendorff to Lenin? World War I and the Origins of Soviet Economic PlanningAsschenfeldt, Friedrich; Trecker, Max
31-Aug-2023Pruning of the People: Ostracism and the Transformation of the Political Space in Ancient AthensSalamanca, Emily
31-Aug-2023Single-cell massively-parallel multiplexed microbial sequencing (M3-seq) identifies rare bacterial populations and profiles phage infectionWang, Bruce; Lin, Aaron E; Yuan, Jiayi; Koch, Matthias D; Adamson, Britt; et al
8-Jun-2023Spreading processes with mutations over multilayer networksSood, Mansi; Sridhar, Anirudh; Eletreby, Rashad; Wu, Chai Wah; Levin, Simon A; et al
Jun-2023Reverse Modernization Analysis: Exploring a History of How Vested Interests Were Politically Marginalized before Modern Economic Development.Yamada, Makio
May-2023Rallying Around the Flag: War Challenges and Civic Mobilization in UkraineRiabchuk, Mykola
May-2023Conflict-Related Sexual Violence against Boys: From Recognition to Response.Hogg, Charu Lata; Buckinx, Barbara
29-Mar-2023A Telecom O-Band Emitter in DiamondMukherjee, S; Zhang, Z; Oblinsky, DG; de Vries, MO; Johnson, BC; et al