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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
UndatedOSCE at 45: A New Spirit of HelsinkiKoja, Clemens; Raunig, Florian; Strohal, Christian
UndatedThe European Union's Defense DimensionPulkkinen, Esa
UndatedGender, Law, and Security: Selected Student Research from the Project on Gender and the Global Community 2019-2020Buckinx, Barbara; English, Beth; Hong, Seoyoung; Paudel, Liza; Lewis, Katrin; et al
UndatedClimate, State, and Sovereignty: Self-Determination and Sea Level RiseHioureas, Christina; Torres CamprubĂ­, Alejandra
24Cerebellar plasticity and motor learning deficits in a copy-number variation mouse model of autismPiochon, Claire; Kloth, Alexander D; Grasselli, Giorgio; Titley, Heather K; Nakayama, Hisako; et al
Dec-2022The Intersection of Conflict-related Sexual Violence Against Men, Boys, and LGBTQI+ Persons and Human TrafficingBuckinx, Barbara; Hogg, Charu Lata; Vaughn, Leona
26-Jul-2022The evolution of rock friction is more sensitive to slip than elapsed time, even at near-zero slip ratesBhattacharya, Pathikrit; Rubin, Allan M; Tullis, Terry E; Beeler, Nicholas M; Okazaki, Keishi
15-Jun-2022An observation of attempted infanticide and female-female cooperation in wild plains zebras (Equus quagga)Hex, Severine B.S.W.; Mwangi, Margaret; Warungu, Rosemary; Rubenstein, Daniel I.
12-Apr-2022Activity Coefficients and Solubilities of NaCl in Water–Methanol Solutions from Molecular Dynamics SimulationsSina Hassanjani, Saravi; Panagiotopoulos, Athanassios Z.
Jan-2022A4BLiP Anti-Racist Description Resources User Survey ResultsAlexis, Antracoli; Annalise, Berdini; Kelly, Bolding; Faith, Charlton; Amanda, Ferrara; et al
9-Nov-2021Activity Coefficients of Aqueous Electrolytes from Implicit-Water Molecular Dynamics SimulationsSaravi, Sina Hassanjani; Panagiotopoulos, Athanassios Z.
15-Aug-2021The Ca and Mg isotope record of the Cryogenian Trezona carbon isotope excursionAhm, Anne-Sofie C; Bjerrum, Christian J; Hoffman, Paul F; Macdonald, Francis A; Maloof, Adam C; et al
28-Jul-2021Individual Ion Activity Coefficients in Aqueous Electrolytes from Explicit- Water Molecular Dynamics SimulationsSaravi, Sina Hassanjani; Panagiotopoulos, Athanassios Z.
14-Jun-2021Subaru High-z Exploration of Low-luminosity Quasars (SHELLQs). XIII. Large-scale Feedback and Star Formation in a Low-luminosity Quasar at z = 7.07 on the Local Black Hole to Host Mass RelationIzumi, Takuma; Matsuoka, Yoshiki; Fujimoto, Seiji; Onoue, Masafusa; Strauss, Michael A; et al
4-May-2021Acting rapidly to deploy readily available methane mitigation measures by sector can immediately slow global warmingOcko, Ilissa B; Sun, Tianyi; Shindell, Drew; Oppenheimer, Michael; Hristov, Alexander N; et al
4-May-2021Secondary Energization in Compressing Plasmoids during Magnetic ReconnectionHakobyan, H; Petropoulou, M; Spitkovsky, Anatoly; Sironi, L
22-Apr-2021Ice Age-Holocene Similarity of Foraminifera-Bound Nitrogen Isotope Ratios in the Eastern Equatorial PacificStuder, Anja S; Mekik, Figen; Ren, Haojia; Hain, Mathis P; Oleynik, Sergey; et al
30-Mar-2021Critical inundation level for methane emissions from wetlandsCalabrese, Salvatore; Garcia, Alicia; Wilmoth, Jared L; Zhang, Xinning; Porporato, Amilcare
16-Mar-2021History in High Places: Tatarna Monastery and the Pindus MountainsGreene, Molly
4-Mar-2021Reflections. Are We Global Yet? Africa and the Future of Early Modern StudiesBelcher, Wendy