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African American Studies

Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
4-Mar-2021Reflections. Are We Global Yet? Africa and the Future of Early Modern StudiesBelcher, Wendy
25-Oct-2019Assessing risk, automating racismBenjamin, Ruha
13-Oct-2019Racial Innocence: Law, Social Science, and the Unknowing of Racism in the US Carceral StateMurakawa, Naomi
May-2018New Directions in Caribbean HistoryGoldthree, Reena
1-Apr-2018Prophets and Profits of Racial ScienceBenjamin, Ruha
2017“Object Lesson(s)”Womack, Autumn
2017Visuality, Surveillance, and The Afterlife of SlaveryWomack, Autumn
Dec-2016A Greater Enterprise Than the Panama Canal”: Migrant Labor and Military Recruitment in the World War I–era Circum-CaribbeanGoldthree, Reena
Dec-2016Black placemaking: Celebration, play, and poetryTaylor, Keeanga-Yamahtta; Hunter, Marcus; Patillo, Mary; Robinson, Zandria
21-Nov-2016# BlackLivesMatter and Feminist Pedagogy: Teaching a Movement UnfoldingGoldthree, Reena; Bahng, Aimee
1-Nov-2016Black Britons and the politics of belonging: an interview with Kennetta Hammond PerryGoldthree, Reena
Nov-2016Informed refusal: Toward a justice-based bioethicsBenjamin, Ruha
20-Oct-2016Innovating inequity: If race is a technology, postracialism is the Genius BarBenjamin, Ruha
1-Jul-2016Catching our breath: critical race STS and the carceral imaginationBenjamin, Ruha
17-Jun-2016Racial fictions, biological facts: Expanding the sociological imagination through speculative methodsBenjamin, Ruha
2016The molecularization of identity: science and subjectivity inthe 21st centuryBenjamin, Ruha; McGonigle, Ian
Sep-2015The emperor’s new genes: Science, public policy, and the allure of objectivityBenjamin, Ruha
2015“The Brown Bag of Miscellany”: Zora Neale Hurston and the Practice of OverexposureWomack, Autumn
Jun-2014Race for Cures: Rethinking the Racial Logics of ‘Trust’in BiomedicineBenjamin, Ruha
2014Social Document Fictions: Race, Visual Culture and Science in African American Literary Culture, 1850-1939Womack, Autumn