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Chemical and Biological Engineering

Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
17-Oct-2019Curvature Regularization near Contacts with Stretched Elastic TubesRallabandi, Bhargav; Marthelot, Joel; Jambon-Puillet, Etienne; Brun, Pierre-Thomas; Eggers, Jens
Jan-2019Xylose utilization stimulates mitochondrial production of isobutanol and 2-methyl-1-butanol in Saccharomyces cerevisiae.Zhang, Yanfei; Lane, Stephan; Chen, Jhong-Min; Hammer, Sarah K; Luttinger, Jake; et al
2019Sputtering of lithium and lithium compound films under deuterium and helium ion bombardmentBuzi, L; Nelson, AO; Yang, Y; Kaita, Robert; Krstić, PS; et al
2019Post exposure time dependence of deuterium retention in lithium and lithium compoundsYang, Y; Buzi, L; Nelson, AO; Kaita, R; Koel, Bruce E.
2019Elemental and topographical imaging of microscopic variations in deposition on NSTX-U and DIII-D samplesSkinner, C.H.; Chrobak, C.P.; Jaworski, M.A.; Kaita, R.; Koel, Bruce E.
2019Nitrogen-plasma treated hafnium oxyhydroxide as an efficient acid-stable electrocatalyst for hydrogen evolution and oxidation reactionsYang, Xiaofang; Zhao, Fang; Yeh, Yao-Wen; Selinsky, Rachel S.; Chen, Zhu; et al
2019Spray drying OZ439 nanoparticles to form stable, water-dispersible powders for oral malaria therapyRistroph, KD; Feng, J; McManus, SA; Zhang, Y; Gong, K; et al
2019Translational formulation of nanoparticle therapeutics from laboratory discovery to clinical scaleFeng, J; Markwalter, CE; Tian, C; Armstrong, M; Prud Homme, Robert K
1-May-2018A soft microenvironment protects from failure of Midbody abscission and multinucleation downstream of the EMT-promoting transcription factor snailSimi, Allison K.; Anlaş, Alişya A.; Stallings-Mann, Melody; Zhang, Sherry; Hsia, Tiffaney; et al
1-Mar-2018Metabolic pathway engineeringAlper, HS; Avalos, JL
27-Feb-2018Direct Measurement of the Local Glass Transition in Self-Assembled Copolymers with Nanometer ResolutionChristie, Dane; Register, Richard A.; Priestley, Rodney D.
1-Jan-2018Influence of atmospheric species on the electrical properties of functionalized graphene sheetsBekdüz, Bilge; Kampermann, Laura; Mertin, Wolfgang; Punckt, Christian; Aksay, Ilhan A.; et al
2018The bioelectric code: Reprogramming cancer and aging from the interface of mechanical and chemical microenvironmentsSilver, BB; Nelson, Celeste M
2018Encapsulation of OZ439 into Nanoparticles for Supersaturated Drug Release in Oral Malaria TherapyLu, HD; Ristroph, KD; Dobrijevic, ELK; Feng, J; McManus, SA; et al
2018Direct observation of polymer surface mobility via nanoparticle vibrationsKim, H; Cang, Y; Kang, E; Graczykowski, B; Secchi, M; et al
2018Experimental and numerical study of wall layer development in a tribocharged fluidized bedSippola, P; Kolehmainen, J; Ozel, A; Liu, X; Saarenrinne, P; et al
Nov-2017How activating mutations affect MEK1 regulation and function.Jindal, Granton A; Goyal, Yogesh; Humphreys, John M; Yeung, Eyan; Tian, Kaijia; et al
6-Aug-2017Stable synthesis of few-layered boron nitride nanotubes by anodic arc dischargeYeh, Yao-Wen; Raitses, Yevgeny; Koel, Bruce E.; Yao, Nan
Jul-2017Computational models of airway branching morphogenesisVarner, Victor D.; Nelson, Celeste M.
23-May-2017Directionally Interacting Spheres and Rods Form Ordered PhasesLiu, Wenyan; Mahynski, Nathan A.; Gang, Oleg; Panagiotopoulos, Athanassios Z.; Kumar, Sanat K.