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Princeton School of Public and International Affairs

Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
UndatedClimate, State, and Sovereignty: Self-Determination and Sea Level RiseHioureas, Christina; Torres CamprubĂ­, Alejandra
18-May-2020Priorities for the UN's Children and Armed Conflict Agenda, 2020Liechtenstein Institute on Self-Determination, Watchlist on Children and Armed Conflict
1-May-2020Chapter 20: Modeling canine rabies virus transmission dynamicsRajeev, Malavika; Metcalf, C. Jessica E.; Hampson, Katie
Dec-2019Gender, Law, and Security (volume II)English, Beth; Buckinx, Barbara; Morrison, Amanda; Rodriguez Gallego, Kiara; Gandikota-Nellutla, Varsha; et al
Aug-2019ADHD Remission, Inclusive Special Education, and Socioeconomic DisparitiesKim, Margeum; King, Marissa D.; Jennings, Jennifer L.
18-Jun-2019Humans adapt to social diversity over time.Ramos, Miguel R.; Bennett, Matthew R.; Massey, Douglas S.; Hewstone, Miles
3-Jun-2019A response to Correia et al.Burivalova, Zuzana; Butler, Rhett A; Wilcove, David S.
1-Jun-2019How segregated is urban consumption?Davis, Donald R; Dingel, Jonathan I; Monras, Joan; Morales, Eduardo
Jun-2019The effect of house prices on household borrowing: A new approachCloyne, James; Huber, Kilian; Ilzetzki, Ethan; Kleven, Henrik J.
27-May-2019Phylogeography of rubella virus in Asia: Vaccination and demography shape synchronous outbreaksBozick, Brooke A; Worby, Colin J.; Metcalf, C. Jessica E.
8-May-2019Tax cuts for whom? Heterogeneous effects of income tax changes on growth and employmentZidar, Owen M.
May-2019Aggregation and the Gravity EquationRedding, Stephen J.; Weinstein, David E.
May-2019Child Penalties across Countries: Evidence and ExplanationsKleven, Henrik J.; Landais, Camille; Posch, Johanna; Steinhauer, Andreas; Zweimuller, Josef
May-2019The Future of Mobility and Migration within and from Sub-Saharan AfricaLandau, Loren B.; Kihato, Caroline Wanjiku; Postel, Hannah
May-2019Self-Determination in Conflict Prevention and ResolutionLiechtenstein Institute on Self-Determination, Permanent Mission of Liechtenstein to the UN
16-Apr-2019Scientific communication in a post-truth society.Iyengar, Shanto; Massey, Douglas S.
9-Apr-2019Mapping vaccination coverage to explore the effects of delivery mechanisms and inform vaccination strategies.Utazi, C. Edson; Thorley, Julia; Alegana, Victor A.; Ferrari, Matthew J.; Takahashi, Saki; et al
30-Mar-2019Seasonal gaps in measles vaccination coverage in Madagascar.Mensah, K; Heraud, JM; Takahashi, Saki; Winter, AK; Metcalf, C. Jessica E.; et al
23-Mar-2019Typical use effectiveness of Natural Cycles: postmarket surveillance study investigating the impact of previous contraceptive choice on the risk of unintended pregnancy.Bull, Jonathan; Rowland, Simon; Lundberg, Olof; Berglund-Scherwitzl, Elina; Gemzell-Danielsson, Kristina; et al
Feb-2019State Control and the Effects of Foreign Relations on Bilateral TradeDavis, Christina L.; Fuchs, Andreas; Johnson, Kristina