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Journal of Public and International Affairs

Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
1996Chinese Development and PL A Enterprises: Security Prospects and ImplicationsRoth, Kevin
1996The ECJ's Contribution to Europe's Democracy DeficitFellmeth, Aaron
1996EU Integration of the Visegrad CountriesShea, Jennifer; Stefes, Christopher
1996Breaking the State-Society Bargain: Neoliberal Market Reforms and Resistance in MexicoLewis, Thomas
1996Assessing Prospects for Business-Environmentalist Cooperation on Trade and Environment IssuesYoungman, Robert
1996Circumventing the State: Securing Cultural and Educational Rights for Hungarian MinoritiesFarkas, Evelyn
1996Regional Deterrence in the Future Security EnvironmentRitcheson, Philip
1996Searching for Answers to the Macedonian Question: Identity Politics in the BalkansCraft, Graham
1996Modernization of the PLA Navy and East Asian Regional Security IssuesJohnson, David
1996Privatization of Social Security in the United States: Magic Bullet or Sleight of Hand?Edelstein, David
1996German Politics and EMU ConvergenceUrken, Perry
1995Central Bank Reform in Latin America: Will Independence Guarantee Low Inflation?Normand, John
1995Fiscal Stress and Urban Regimes: Straining the Capacity to GovernNiblack, Preston
1995States or Markets? The Reform of Health Insurance in Chile, 1981-1994Schady, Norbert
1995Child-Support Laws and Contraceptive CareIrwin, Timothy
1995Most-Favored-Nation Status and China: An Economic Analysis of LinkageSaunders, Phillip
1995One Man, One Grant: Equity in Federal Aid to StatesBaehler, Karen
1995Asian Values or Asian Ideology? The Role of Culture in the International Relations of East AsiaOros, Andrew
1995Manipulation of Islam by the State: Islam as an Official Nationalism in Pakistan, Malaysia, and UzbekistanHanauer, Laurence
1995Kings without Countries: Problems in the Formation of a Gypsy National Identity—Territoriality, Language, IdentityWaters, Timothy William