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Civil And Environmental Engineering

Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
26-Jul-2022Competition between growth and shear stress drives intermittency in preferential flow paths in porous medium biofilmsKurz, Dorothee L; Secchi, Eleonora; Carrillo, Francisco J; Bourg, Ian C; Stocker, Roman; et al
12-Apr-2022Activity Coefficients and Solubilities of NaCl in Water–Methanol Solutions from Molecular Dynamics SimulationsSina Hassanjani, Saravi; Panagiotopoulos, Athanassios Z.
2020Amortized Finite Element Analysis for Fast PDE-Constrained OptimizationXue, Tianju; Beatson, Alex; Adriaenssens, Sigrid; Adams, Ryan
1-Mar-2018Interactions between urban heat islands and heat wavesZhao, Lei; Oppenheimer, Michael; Zhu, Qing; Baldwin, Jane W.; Ebi, Kristie L.; et al
Mar-2017Understanding perceptions of changing hurricane strength along the US Gulf coastShao, Wanyun; Xian, Siyuan; Keim, Barry D; Goidel, Kirby; Lin, Ning
1-Feb-2017Evolution of the pore structure during the early stages of the alkali-activation reaction: an in situ small-angle neutron scattering investigationWhite, Claire E; Olds, Daniel P; Hartl, Monika; Hjelm, Rex P; Page, Katharine
Jan-2017Understanding the effects of past flood events and perceived and estimated flood risks on individuals' voluntary flood insurance purchase behaviorShao, Wanyun; Xian, Siyuan; Lin, Ning; Kunreuther, Howard; Jackson, Nida; et al
Nov-2016Coupled modeling of storm surge and coastal inundation: A case study in New York City during Hurricane SandyYin, Jie; Lin, Ning; Yu, Dapeng
25-Oct-2016Hurricane Sandy’s flood frequency increasing from year 1800 to 2100Lin, Ning; Kopp, Robert E; Horton, Benjamin P; Donnelly, Jeffrey P
1-Sep-2016Improved sub-seasonal meteorological forecast skill using weighted multi-model ensemble simulationsWanders, Niko; Wood, Eric F
Sep-2016Watershed-scale impacts of stormwater green infrastructure on hydrology, nutrient fluxes, and combined sewer overflows in the mid-Atlantic regionPennino, Michael J; McDonald, Rob I; Jaffe, Peter R
1-Aug-2016Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Anion Exclusion in Clay Interlayer NanoporesTournassat, Christophe; Bourg, IanC; Holmboe, Michael; Sposito, Garrison; Steefel, CarlI
28-Jul-2016Climate variability and extremes, interacting with nitrogen storage, amplify eutrophication riskLee, Minjin; Shevliakova, Elena; Malyshev, Sergey; Milly, PCD; Jaffé, Peter R
16-Jul-2016Assessing GFDL high-resolution climate model water and energy budgets from AMIP simulations over AfricaTian, Di; Pan, Ming; Jia, Liwei; Vecchi, Gabriel; Wood, Eric F
6-Jul-2016High-pressure polymorphism of PbF2 to 75 GPaStan, Camelia V; Dutta, Rajkrishna; White, Claire E; Prakapenka, Vitali B; Duffy, Thomas S
26-Jun-2016Enhancing student cognition and affect through the creative art of structural and civil engineeringLaffey, EH; Garlock, ME; Bhatia, A
26-Jun-2016Engaging students with the creative art of civil engineeringBhatia, A; Garlock, ME; Laffey, EH
May-2016Thermal drawdown-induced flow channeling in a single fracture in EGSGuo, Bin; Fu, Pengcheng; Hao, Yue; Peters, Catherine A; Carrigan, Charles R
Apr-2016Observed Tropical Cyclone Size RevisitedChavas, Daniel R; Lin, Ning; Dong, Wenhao; Lin, Yanluan
1-Jan-2016Finite element verification of the method of neutral axis for damage detection in composite beam structuresLi, X; Glisic, B