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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
19-Jun-2019A demand system approach to asset pricingKoijen, RSJ; Yogo, Motohiro
May-2019Dollar Invoicing and the Heterogeneity of Exchange Rate Pass-ThroughBoz, Emine; Gopinath, Gita; Plagborg-Moller, Mikkel
May-2019Revenue Guarantee EquivalenceBergemann, Dirk; Brooks, Benjamin; Morris, Stephen
Mar-2019Take the Short Route: Equilibrium Default and Debt MaturityAguiar, Mark A.; Amador, M; Hopenhayn, H; Werning, I
Feb-2019Equilibrium Provider Networks: Bargaining and Exclusion in Health Care Markets.Ho, Kate; Lee, Robin S
Jan-2019Bayesian inference on structural impulse response functionsPlagborg-Møller, Mikkel
Dec-2018Influencing connected legislatorsBattaglini, Marco; Patacchini, E
Nov-2018A new model for interdependent durationsHonoré, Bo E.; de Paula, Á
19-Sep-2018The origins of human prosociality: Cultural group selection in the workplace and the laboratory.Francois, Patrick; Fujiwara, Thomas; van Ypersele, Tanguy
1-Jun-2018Microeconomic heterogeneity and macroeconomic shocksKaplan, Greg; Violante, Giovanni L.
May-2018Through a Crystal Ball Darkly: The Future of Monetary Policy CommunicationBlinder, Alan S.
May-2018Central Bank Forward Guidance and the Signal Value of Market PricesMorris, Stephen; Shin, Hyun Song
Mar-2018A Theory of Input-Output ArchitectureOberfield, Ezra D.
Mar-2018Monetary policy according to HANKKaplan, Greg; Moll, Benjamin; Violante, Giovanni L.
1-Jan-2018When inequality matters for macro and macro matters for inequalityAhn, SeHyoun; Kaplan, Greg; Moll, Benjamin; Winberry, T; Wolf, Christian
Jan-2018Bid shading and bidder surplus in the US treasury auction systemHortaçsu, A; Kastl, Jakub; Zhang, A
2018The Changing (Dis-)Utility of Work.Kaplan, Greg; Schulhofer-Wohl, Sam
Dec-2017Immigration in American Economic HistoryAbramitzky, Ran; Boustan, Leah P.
Nov-2017‘Acting wife’: Marriage market incentives and labor market investmentsBursztyn, L; Fujiwara, Thomas; Pallais, A
Jul-2017Introduction: Essays in honor of Robert J. LalondeAshenfelter, Orley C.; Card, D