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Engineering and Applied Science

Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
8-Jun-2023Spreading processes with mutations over multilayer networksSood, Mansi; Sridhar, Anirudh; Eletreby, Rashad; Wu, Chai Wah; Levin, Simon A; et al
10-Oct-2022Ensembles of realistic power distribution networksMeyur, Rounak; Vullikanti, Anil; Swarup, Samarth; Mortveit, Henning S; Centeno, Virgilio; et al
12-Sep-2022Uncertainty Quantification for Nonconvex Tensor Completion: Confidence Intervals, Heteroscedasticity and OptimalityCai, Changxiao; Poor, H Vincent; Chen, Yuxin
29-Jul-2022QR Decomposition-Based Cyclic Prefixed Single-Carrier Transmissions for Cooperative Communications: Concepts and Research LandscapeKim, Kyeong Jin; Liu, Hongwu; Wen, Miaowen; Tsiftsis, Theodoros A; Orlik, Philip V; et al
18-Jul-2022Performance Optimization for Semantic Communications: An Attention-Based Reinforcement Learning ApproachWang, Yining; Chen, Mingzhe; Luo, Tao; Saad, Walid; Niyato, Dusit; et al
10-Jun-2022Entanglement-assisted concatenated quantum codesFan, Jihao; Li, Jun; Zhou, Yongbin; Hsieh, Min-Hsiu; Poor, H Vincent
31-Mar-2022Meta-Reinforcement Learning for Reliable Communication in THz/VLC Wireless VR NetworksWang, Yining; Chen, Mingzhe; Yang, Zhaohui; Saad, Walid; Luo, Tao; et al
25-Feb-2022Secure Transmission Design for Cooperative NOMA in the Presence of Internal EavesdroppingSu, Binbin; Yu, Wenjuan; Liu, Hongbo; Chorti, Arsenia; Poor, H Vincent
19-Jan-2022Fundamental limitations on efficiently forecasting certain epidemic measures in network modelsRosenkrantz, Daniel J; Vullikanti, Anil; Ravi, SS; Stearns, Richard E; Levin, Simon; et al
17-Jan-2022RIS-Aided Zero-Forcing and Regularized Zero-Forcing Beamforming in Integrated Information and Energy DeliveryYu, Hongwen; Tuan, Hoang Duong; Dutkiewicz, Eryk; Poor, H Vincent; Hanzo, Lajos
14-Jan-2022Next-Generation Multiple Access Based on NOMA With Power Level ModulationPei, Xinyue; Chen, Yingyang; Wen, Miaowen; Yu, Hua; Panayirci, Erdal; et al
4-Jan-2022A Meta-Learning Approach to the Optimal Power Flow Problem Under Topology ReconfigurationsChen, Yexiang; Lakshminarayana, Subhash; Maple, Carsten; Poor, H Vincent
Jan-2022Federated Learning for 6G: Applications, Challenges, and OpportunitiesYang, Zhaohui; Chen, Mingzhe; Wong, Kai-Kit; Poor, H Vincent; Cui, Shuguang
31-Dec-2021Revisiting Analog Over-the-Air Machine Learning: The Blessing and Curse of InterferenceYang, Howard H; Chen, Zihan; Quek, Tony QS; Poor, H Vincent
19-Nov-2021Roles of retailers in the peer-to-peer electricity market: A single retailer perspectiveTushar, Wayes; Yuen, Chau; Saha, Tapan; Chattopadhyay, Deb; Nizami, Sohrab; et al
6-Oct-2021Distributed Learning in Wireless Networks: Recent Progress and Future ChallengesChen, Mingzhe; Gunduz, Deniz; Huang, Kaibin; Saad, Walid; Bennis, Mehdi; et al
5-Oct-2021Spatiotemporal Analysis for Age of Information in Random Access Networks Under Last-Come First-Serve With Replacement ProtocolYang, Howard H; Arafa, Ahmed; Quek, Tony QS; Poor, H Vincent
17-Aug-2021Convergence of Federated Learning Over a Noisy DownlinkAmiri, Mohammad Mohammadi; Gunduz, Deniz; Kulkarni, Sanjeev R; Poor, H Vincent
14-Jul-2021Maximizing the Geometric Mean of User-Rates to Improve Rate-Fairness: Proper vs. Improper Gaussian SignalingYu, Hongwen; Tuan, Hoang Duong; Dutkiewicz, Eryk; Poor, H Vincent; Hanzo, Lajos
16-Jun-2021Distributed Multi-Agent Meta Learning for Trajectory Design in Wireless Drone NetworksHu, Ye; Chen, Mingzhe; Saad, Walid; Poor, H Vincent; Cui, Shuguang