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Engineering and Applied Science

Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
2019A motivational game-theoretic approach for peer-to-peer energy trading in the smart gridTushar, W; Saha, TK; Yuen, C; Morstyn, T; McCulloch, MD; et al
Jul-2018A Tractable Framework for the Analysis of Dense Heterogeneous Cellular NetworksAk, Serkan; Inaltekin, Hazer; Poor, H Vincent
Mar-2018Degraded Broadcast Channel with Secrecy Outside a Bounded RangeZou, Shaofeng; Liang, Yingbin; Lai, Lifeng; Poor, H Vincent; Shamai, Shlomo
1-Jan-2018Fronthaul-Aware Software-Defined Wireless Networks: Resource Allocation and User SchedulingLiu, CF; Samarakoon, S; Bennis, M; Poor, HV
2018Securing Downlink Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access Systems by Trusted RelaysArafa, A; Shin, W; Vaezi, M; Poor, HV
2018Approximate Nash region of the Gaussian interference channel with noisy output feedbackQuintero, V; Perlaza, SM; Gorce, JM; Vincent Poor, H
Oct-2017Compression-Based Compressed SensingRezagah, Farideh Ebrahim; Jalali, Shirin; Erkip, Elza; Poor, H Vincent
Jul-2017Minimum Sparsity of Unobservable Power Network AttacksZhao, Yue; Goldsmith, Andrea; Poor, H Vincent
Feb-2017Application of Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access in LTE and 5G NetworksDing, Zhiguo; Liu, Yuanwei; Choi, Jinho; Sun, Qi; Elkashlan, Maged; et al
2017A Fair Individual Rate Comparison between MIMO-NOMA and MIMO-OMAZeng, M; Yadav, A; Dobre, OA; Poor, HV
2017Nash region of the linear deterministic interference channel with noisy output feedbackQuintero, V; Perlaza, SM; Gorce, JM; Poor, HV
Dec-2016Distributed Constrained Recursive Nonlinear Least-Squares Estimation: Algorithms and AsymptoticsSahu, Anit Kumar; Kar, Soummya; Moura, Jose MF; Poor, H Vincent
Aug-2016Training Design and Channel Estimation in Uplink Cloud Radio Access NetworksXinqian, Xie; Mugen, Peng; Wenbo, Wang; Poor, H Vincent
Aug-2016Machine Learning Methods for Attack Detection in the Smart GridOzay, Mete; Esnaola, Inaki; Yarman Vural, Fatos Tunay; Kulkarni, Sanjeev R; Poor, H Vincent
Jun-2016A General MIMO Framework for NOMA Downlink and Uplink Transmission Based on Signal AlignmentDing, Zhiguo; Schober, Robert; Poor, H Vincent
May-2016Design of Massive-MIMO-NOMA With Limited FeedbackDing, Zhiguo; Poor, H Vincent
May-2016Cluster Content Caching: An Energy-Efficient Approach to Improve Quality of Service in Cloud Radio Access NetworksZhao, Zhongyuan; Peng, Mugen; Ding, Zhiguo; Wang, Wenbo; Poor, H Vincent
Apr-2016The Likelihood Encoder for Lossy CompressionSong, Eva C; Cuff, Paul; Poor, H Vincent
Apr-2016A Learning-Based Approach to Caching in Heterogenous Small Cell NetworksBharath, BN; Nagananda, KG; Poor, H Vincent
Apr-2016A Survey of Energy-Efficient Techniques for 5G Networks and Challenges AheadBuzzi, Stefano; I, Chih-Lin; Klein, Thierry E; Poor, H Vincent; Yang, Chenyang; et al