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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
5-Feb-2020National Partiality, Immigration, and the Problem of Double-JeopardyFrick, Johann
Mar-2018Can modalities save naive set theory?Fritz, Peter; Lederman, Harvey; Liu, Tiankai; Scott, Dana
2017On the survival of humanityFrick, Johann
Jan-2016Morally Permissible Moral MistakesHarman, Elizabeth
2016What We Owe to Hypocrites: Contractualism and the Speaker‐Relativity of JustificationFrick, Johann
Jun-2015Contractualism and social riskFrick, Johann
9-Mar-2015Treatment versus prevention in the fight against HIV/AIDS and the problem of identified versus statistical livesFrick, Johann
2-Jan-2015New Foundations for Physical Geometry: The Theory of Linear StructuresBurgess, John P
2-Jan-2015Philosophy of Mathematics in the Twentieth Century: Selected EssaysBurgess, John P
2015Conditional Reasons and the Procreation AsymmetryFrick, Johann
Oct-2014Replacing TruthBurgess, John P
May-2014On a derivation of the necessity of identityBurgess, John P
1-Apr-2014Madagascar revisitedBurgess, JP
Dec-2012Frege's Theorem.Burgess, John P
2012Causation, Counterfactual Dependence and Culpability Moral philosophy in Michael Moore’s Causation and Responsibilty,Rosen, G
Dec-2011Does Moral Ignorance Exculpate?Harman, Elizabeth
31-Jul-2009Harming as Causing HarmHarman, Elizabeth
Oct-1999Creation Ethics: The Moral Status of Early Fetuses and the Ethics of AbortionHarman, Elizabeth
UndatedFine-grained semantics for attitude reportsLederman, Harvey
-Future Persons and Victimless WrongdoingFrick, Johann