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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
4-Mar-2021Reflections. Are We Global Yet? Africa and the Future of Early Modern StudiesBelcher, Wendy
1-May-2020Chapter 20: Modeling canine rabies virus transmission dynamicsRajeev, Malavika; Metcalf, C. Jessica E.; Hampson, Katie
29-Jan-2020Social influence and interaction bias can drive emergent behavioural specialization and modular social networks across systemsTokita, Christopher K.; Tarnita, Corina E.
3-Apr-2020Shared Representational Geometry Across Neural NetworksLu, Qihong; Chen, Po-Hsuan; Pillow, Jonathan W.; Ramadge, Peter J.; Norman, Kenneth A.; et al
1-Dec-2019Author Correction: Layer-dependent quantum cooperation of electron and hole states in the anomalous semimetal WTe2.Das, Pranab Kumar; Di Sante, Domenico; Vobornik, Ivana; Fujii, J.; Okuda, T.; et al
1-Nov-2019Reciprocity and rotating social advantage among females in egalitarian primate societiesTombak, Kaia J.; Wikberg, Eva C.; Rubenstein, Daniel I.; Chapman, Colin A.
1-Nov-2019Higher-Order Topology, Monopole Nodal Lines, and the Origin of Large Fermi Arcs in Transition Metal Dichalcogenides XTe2 (X = Mo,W)Wang, Zhijun; Wieder, Benjamin J; Li, Jian; Yan, Binghai; Bernevig, Bogdan A.
28-Oct-2019Marginal Treatment Effects from a Propensity Score PerspectiveZhou, Xiang; Xie, Yu
17-Oct-2019Curvature Regularization near Contacts with Stretched Elastic TubesRallabandi, Bhargav; Marthelot, Joel; Jambon-Puillet, Etienne; Brun, Pierre-Thomas; Eggers, Jens
13-Oct-2019Racial Innocence: Law, Social Science, and the Unknowing of Racism in the US Carceral StateMurakawa, Naomi
1-Oct-2019Updated geographic range maps for giraffe, Giraffa spp., throughout sub-Saharan Africa, and implications of changing distributions for conservationO'connor, D; Stacy-Dawes, J; Muneza, A; Fennessy, J; Gobush, K; et al
17-Sep-2019On assessing the importance of demographic change for social structure: a comment on Shizuka and JohnsonRubenstein, Daniel I.
11-Sep-2019Maternal educational attainment and infant mortality in the United States: Does the gradient vary by race/ethnicity and nativity?Green, Tiffany; Hamilton, Tod G.
9-Sep-2019The long-term impact of the Communist Revolution on social stratification in contemporary China.Xie, Yu; Zhang, Chunni
1-Sep-2019Learning to Control in Metric Space with Optimal RegretYang, Lin F.; Ni, Chengzhuo; Wang, Mengdi
Sep-2019Recoil Directionality ExperimentSanfilippo, S; Agnes, P; Arba, M; Ave, M; Baracchini, E; et al
2-Aug-2019Topological Lifshitz transitions and Fermi arc manipulation in Weyl semimetal NbAsYang, HF; Yang, LX; Liu, ZK; Sun, Y; Chen, C; et al
Aug-2019ADHD Remission, Inclusive Special Education, and Socioeconomic DisparitiesKim, Margeum; King, Marissa D.; Jennings, Jennifer L.
31-Jul-2019Dual representations for systemic risk measuresArarat, Çağın; Rudloff, Birgit
19-Jul-2019All Magic Angles in Twisted Bilayer Graphene are TopologicalSong, Zhida; Wang, Zhijun; Shi, Wujun; Li, Gang; Fang, Chen; et al