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Cooperative Robotic Fabrication for a Circular Economy

Author(s): Bruun, Edvard P.G.; Parascho, Stefana; Adriaenssens, Sigrid

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Abstract: In a cooperative robotic fabrication (CRF) framework, multiple industrial robots are specifically sequenced to work together, thus allowing them to execute coordinated processes with greater geometric and structural variation. In the context of the construction industry, agents in a cooperative setup can perform complementary functions such as placing or removing building components while simultaneously providing temporary support to a structure. This approach can reduce, or completely remove, the need for temporary external supports and scaffolding that would typically be required for stability during the construction of geometrically complex spanning spatial structures. For a circular economy, this means overall reductions to primary resource inputs and improvements to the disassembly, reuse, and reassembly potential of a structure at the end of its life. This chapter gives a summary of three projects that successfully demonstrate the use of cooperative robotic fabrication to promote several principles of a circular economy through different scaffold-free construction applications. The topics covered in this chapter will be of interest to researchers and professionals interested in the emergent intersection of digital fabrication, robotics, and sustainability applied to the building industry.
Publication Date: 2024
Citation: Bruun, E.P.G., Parascho, S., Adriaenssens, S. (2024). Cooperative Robotic Fabrication for a Circular Economy. In: De Wolf, C., Çetin, S., Bocken, N.M.P. (eds) A Circular Built Environment in the Digital Age. Circular Economy and Sustainability. Springer, Cham.
Keywords: Robot, Cooperative, Collaborative, Construction, Assembly, Disassembly, Reuse
Type of Material: Book Chapter
Version: Final published version. This is an open access article.

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