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Molecular Biology

Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
2021Redundant enhancers in the iab-5 domain cooperatively activate Abd-B in the A5 and A6 abdominal segments of DrosophilaPostika, Nikolay; Schedl, Paul D.; Georgiev, Pavel; Kyrchanova, Olga
28-Dec-2020The axonal sorting activity of pseudorabies virus Us9 protein depends on the state of neuronal maturationTanneti, Nikhila S; Federspiel, Joel D; Cristea, Ileana M; Enquist, Lynn W
24-Dec-2020Mechanical frustration of phase separation in the cell nucleus by chromatinZhang, Yaojun; Lee, Daniel SW; Meir, Yigal; Brangwynne, Clifford; Wingreen, Ned
23-Dec-2020Modeling molecular development of breast cancer in canine mammary tumorsGraim, Kiley; Gorenshteyn, Dmitriy; Robinson, David G; Carriero, Nicholas J; Cahill, James A; et al
7-Dec-2020Identification of signaling pathways, matrix-digestion enzymes, and motility components controlling <i>Vibrio cholerae</i> biofilm dispersal.Bridges, Andrew A; Fei, Chenyi; Bassler, Bonnie L
3-Dec-2020Coexpressed subunits of dual genetic origin define a conserved supercomplex mediating essential protein import into chloroplastsRamundo, Silvia; Asakura, Yukari; Salomé, Patrice A; Strenkert, Daniela; Boone, Morgane; et al
3-Dec-2020Increasing the uptake of carbon dioxideFranklin, Eric; Jonikas, Martin
Dec-2020The structural basis of Rubisco phase separation in the pyrenoidHe, Shan; Chou, Hui-Ting; Matthies, Doreen; Wunder, Tobias; Meyer, Moritz T; et al
Dec-2020Stresses in the metastatic cascade: molecular mechanisms and therapeutic opportunitiesShen, Minhong; Kang, Yibin
24-Nov-2020Interrogating Host Antiviral Environments Driven by Nuclear DNA Sensing: A Multiomic PerspectiveHoward, Timothy R; Cristea, Ileana M
23-Nov-2020The neural basis for a persistent internal state in Drosophila femalesDeutsch, David; Pacheco, Diego; Encarnacion-Rivera, Lucas; Pereira, Talmo; Fathy, Ramie; et al
11-Nov-2020Assembly of the algal CO<sub>2</sub>-fixing organelle, the pyrenoid, is guided by a Rubisco-binding motifMeyer, Moritz T; Itakura, Alan K; Patena, Weronika; Wang, Lianyong; He, Shan; et al
4-Nov-2020Liver-expressed <i>Cd302</i> and <i>Cr1l</i> limit hepatitis C virus cross-species transmission to miceBrown, Richard JP; Tegtmeyer, Birthe; Sheldon, Julie; Khera, Tanvi; Anggakusuma; et al
2-Nov-2020A biophysical limit for quorum sensing in biofilmsNarla, Avaneesh; Borenstein, David; Wingreen, Ned
Nov-2020Elevated glucose alters global gene expression and tenascin-C alternative splicing in mesangial cellsVega, Maria E; Finlay, John B; Vasishtha, Mansi; Schwarzbauer, Jean E
22-Oct-2020An approach for long-term, multi-probe Neuropixels recordings in unrestrained ratsLuo, Thomas Zhihao; Bondy, Adrian Gopnik; Gupta, Diksha; Elliott, Verity Alexander; Kopec, Charles D; et al
17-Oct-2020Rats optimally accumulate and discount evidence in a dynamic environmentPiet, Alex; Hady, Ahmed El; Brody, Carlos D
16-Oct-2020A high-stringency blueprint of the human proteomeAdhikari, Subash; Nice, Edouard C; Deutsch, Eric W; Lane, Lydie; Omenn, Gilbert S; et al
12-Oct-2020The inner membrane protein YhdP modulates the rate of anterograde 2 phospholipid flow in Escherichia coliGrimm, Jacqueline; Shi, Handuo; Wang, Wei; Mitchell, Angela M; Wingreen, Ned S; et al
6-Oct-2020Clustering-based positive feedback between a kinase and its substrate enables effective T-cell receptor signalingDine, Elliot; Reed, Ellen; Toettcher, Jared