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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
22-Jun-2017Quality of spatial entanglement propagationReichert, M; Sun, X; Fleischer, Jason W
10-Sep-2015Model of anisotropic nonlinearity in selfdefocusing photorefractive mediaBarsi, C; Fleischer, Jason W
13-Jul-2014Phase-space measurement for depth-resolved memory-effect imagingTakasaki, KT; Fleischer, Jason W
3-Apr-2013Three-dimensional deconvolution microfluidic microscopy using a tilted channelPégard, Nicolas C.; Fleischer, Jason W.
2012Anomalous Hall effects of light and chiral edge modes on the Kagomé latticePetrescu, A; Houck, AA; Le Hur, K
17-Jan-2013Symmetries and collective excitations in large superconducting circuitsFerguson, DG; Houck, Andrew A; Koch, J
20-Aug-2012Low-disorder microwave cavity lattices for quantum simulation with photonsUnderwood, DL; Shanks, WE; Koch, J; Houck, Andrew A
Jun-2014Fast, low-power manipulation of spin ensembles in superconducting microresonatorsSigillito, AJ; Malissa, H; Tyryshkin, AM; Riemann, H; Abrosimov, NV, et al
31-Mar-2014Time-reversal symmetrization of spontaneous emission for quantum state transferSrinivasan, SJ; Sundaresan, NM; Sadri, D; Liu, Y; Gambetta, JM, et al
2011Tunable coupling in circuit quantum electrodynamics using a superconducting charge qubit with a V-Shaped energy level diagramSrinivasan, SJ; Hoffman, AJ; Gambetta, JM; Houck, Andrew A