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Electrical Engineering

Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
21-Jul-2016Valence and Conduction Band Densities of States of Metal Halide Perovskites: A Combined Experimental-Theoretical StudyEndres, J; Egger, DA; Kulbak, M; Kerner, RA; Zhao, L; et al
30-Jun-2016Imaging photon lattice states by scanning defect microscopyUnderwood, DL; Shanks, WE; Li, ACY; Ateshian, L; Koch, J; et al
14-Apr-2016Multi-channel control for microring weight banksTait, AN; De Lima, TF; Nahmias, MA; Shastri, BJ; Prucnal, Paul R
4-Mar-2016Scalable Wideband Principal Component Analysis via Microwave PhotonicsFerreira De Lima, T; Tait, AN; Nahmias, MA; Shastri, BJ; Prucnal, Paul R
29-Mar-2016Constrained sampling and counting: Universal hashing meets SAT solvingMeel, KS; Vardi, MY; Chakraborty, S; Fremont, DJ; Seshia, SA; et al
2-Nov-2016Passively synchronized Q-switched and mode-locked dual-band Tm3+:ZBLAN fiber lasers using a common graphene saturable absorberJia, C; Shastri, BJ; Abdukerim, N; Rochette, M; Prucnal, Paul R; et al
8-Nov-2016Quantum entanglement as a diagnostic of phase transitions in disordered fractional quantum hall liquidsLiu, Z; Bhatt, Ravindra N
20-Oct-2016Wavelength independent normal incident quantum cascade detectorsRavikumar, AP; Sivco, D; Gmachl, Claire F
18-Oct-2016Three-dimensional interface roughness in layered semiconductor structures and its effect on intersubband transitionsSong, AY; Bhat, R; Bouzi, P; Zah, C-E; Gmachl, Claire F
12-Jan-2016Spike processing with a graphene excitable laserShastri, BJ; Nahmias, MA; Tait, AN; Rodriguez, AW; Wu, B; et al
Apr-2016The Likelihood Encoder for Lossy CompressionSong, Eva C; Cuff, Paul; Poor, H Vincent
14-Jan-2016Surface code architecture for donors and dots in silicon with imprecise and nonuniform qubit couplingsPica, G; Lovett, BW; Bhatt, Ravindra N; Schenkel, T; Lyon, Stephen A
26-Aug-2015Boolean Satisfiability Solvers and Their Applications in Model CheckingVizel, Y; Weissenbacher, G; Malik, Sharad
29-Jun-2015Beyond strong coupling in a multimode cavitySundaresan, NM; Liu, Y; Sadri, D; Szocs, LJ; Underwood, DL; et al
6-May-2015Demonstration of WDM weighted addition for principal component analysisTait, AN; Chang, J; Shastri, BJ; Nahmias, MA; Prucnal, Paul R
13-Nov-2015Digital quantum simulators in a scalable architecture of hybrid spin-photon qubitsChiesa, A; Santini, P; Gerace, D; Raftery, J; Houck, Andrew A; et al
2-Oct-2015Excitable laser processing network node in hybrid silicon: Analysis and simulationNahmias, MA; Tait, AN; Shastri, BJ; De Lima, TF; Prucnal, Paul R
Oct-2015Broadband filters for abatement of spontaneous emission in circuit quantum electrodynamicsBronn, NT; Liu, Y; Hertzberg, JB; Córcoles, AD; Houck, Andrew A; et al
10-Sep-2015Model of anisotropic nonlinearity in selfdefocusing photorefractive mediaBarsi, C; Fleischer, Jason W
13-May-2015Stochastic differential equations for quantum dynamics of spin-boson networksMandt, S; Sadri, D; Houck, Andrew A; Türeci, Hakan E