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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
Nov-2011Active Biopolymers Confer Fast Reorganization KineticsSwanson, Douglas; Wingreen, Ned
23-Jun-2020Asymmetry between Activators and Deactivators in Functional Protein Networks.Tareen, Ammar; Wingreen, Ned; Mukhopadhyay, Ranjan
2-Nov-2020A biophysical limit for quorum sensing in biofilmsNarla, Avaneesh; Borenstein, David; Wingreen, Ned
Jan-2019Cell geometry and leaflet bilayer asymmetry regulate domain formation in plasma membranes.Ali, Md Zulfikar; Huang, Kerwyn Casey; Wingreen, Ned; Mukhopadhyay, Ranjan
Jun-2013Chemical Sensing by Nonequilibrium Cooperative ReceptorsSkoge, Monica; Naqvi, Sahin; Meir, Yigal; Wingreen, Ned
2019Concerted 2-5A-Mediated mRNA Decay and Transcription Reprogram Protein Synthesis in the dsRNA Response.Rath, Sneha; Prangley, Eliza; Donovan, Jesse; Demarest, Kaitlin; Wingreen, Ned; et al
8-May-2020Dynamics in a simple evolutionary-epidemiological model for the evolution of an initial asymptomatic infection stage.Saad-Roy, Chadi; Wingreen, Ned; Levin, Simon; Grenfell, Bryan
Oct-2011Dynamics of Cooperativity in Chemical Sensing among Cell-Surface ReceptorsSkoge, Monica; Meir, Yigal; Wingreen, Ned
20-Oct-2015Established Microbial Colonies Can Survive Type VI Secretion AssaultBorenstein, David Bruce; Ringel, Peter; Basler, Marek; Wingreen, Ned
Mar-2015Fundamental Constraints on the Abundances of Chemotaxis ProteinsBitbol, Anne-Florence; Wingreen, Ned
Apr-2018Hidden long evolutionary memory in a model biochemical network.Al, Md Zulfikar; Wingreen, Ned; Mukhopadhyay, Ranjan
25-Jun-2020Implications of localized charge for human influenza A H1N1 hemagglutinin evolution: Insights from deep mutational scans.Saad-Roy, Chadi; Arinaminpathy, Nimalan; Wingreen, Ned; Levin, Simon; Akey, Joshua; et al
8-Jan-2014Imprecision of Adaptation in Escherichia coli ChemotaxisNeumann, Silke; Vladimirov, Nikita; Krembel, Anna; Wingreen, Ned; Sourjik, Victor
25-Oct-2016Inferring interaction partners from protein sequencesBitbol, Anne-Florence; Dwyer, Robert; Colwell, Lucy; Wingreen, Ned
Jan-2015Interpreting 16S metagenomic data without clustering to achieve sub-OTU resolutionTikhonov, Mikhail; Leach, Robert; Wingreen, Ned
Mar-2016Know the Single-Receptor Sensing Limit? Think AgainAquino, Gerardo; Wingreen, Ned; Endres, Robert G
26-Mar-2018Looping and clustering model for the organization of protein-DNA complexes on the bacterial genomeWalter, Jean-Charles; Walliser, Nils-Ole; David, Gabriel; Dorignac, Jerome; Geniet, Frederic; et al
24-Dec-2020Mechanical frustration of phase separation in the cell nucleus by chromatinZhang, Yaojun; Lee, Daniel SW; Meir, Yigal; Brangwynne, Clifford; Wingreen, Ned
3-Aug-2017Mechanism of bidirectional thermotaxis in Escherichia coliPaulick, Anja; Jakovljevic, Vladimir; Zhang, SiMing; Erickstad, Michael; Groisman, Alex; et al
Jan-2017Metabolic Trade-Offs Promote Diversity in a Model EcosystemPosfai, Anna; Taillefumier, Thibaud; Wingreen, Ned