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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
13-Aug-2013The Activity and Specificity of the Outer Membrane Protein Chaperone SurA Are Modulated by a Proline Isomerase DomainRicci, Dante P; Schwalm, Jaclyn; Gonzales-Cope, Michelle; Silhavy, Thomas J
Apr-2012The Bam machine: A molecular cooperRicci, Dante P; Silhavy, Thomas J
4-May-2016The CpxQ sRNA Negatively Regulates Skp To Prevent Mistargeting of β-Barrel Outer Membrane Proteins into the Cytoplasmic MembraneGrabowicz, Marcin; Koren, Daria; Silhavy, Thomas J
7-Aug-2018Cyclic Enterobacterial Common Antigen Maintains the Outer Membrane Permeability Barrier of Escherichia coli in a Manner Controlled by YhdP.Mitchell, Angela M; Srikumar, Tharan; Silhavy, Thomas J
May-2012Dissecting the Escherichia coli periplasmic chaperone network using differential proteomicsDenoncin, Katleen; Schwalm, Jaclyn; Vertommen, Didier; Silhavy, Thomas J; Collet, Jean-Francois
Mar-2017Envelope Stress Responses: An Interconnected Safety NetGrabowicz, Marcin; Silhavy, Thomas J
Jul-2019Envelope stress responses: balancing damage repair and toxicityMitchell, Angela M; Silhavy, Thomas J
20-Mar-2018The Escherichia coli Phospholipase PldA Regulates Outer Membrane Homeostasis via Lipid SignalingMay, Kerrie L; Silhavy, Thomas J
Jun-2019Fine-Tuning of σE Activation Suppresses Multiple Assembly-Defective Mutations in Escherichia coliHart, Elizabeth M; O'Connell, Aileen; Tang, Kimberly; Wzorek, Joseph S; Grabowicz, Marcin; et al
15-Sep-2014Folding LacZ in the Periplasm of Escherichia coliDwyer, Robert S; Malinverni, Juliana C; Boyd, Dana; Beckwith, Jon; Silhavy, Thomas J
Jun-2019Genetic Analysis of Protein TranslocationSilhavy, Thomas J; Mitchell, Angela M
12-Oct-2020The inner membrane protein YhdP modulates the rate of anterograde 2 phospholipid flow in Escherichia coliGrimm, Jacqueline; Shi, Handuo; Wang, Wei; Mitchell, Angela M; Wingreen, Ned S; et al
Jun-2016Lipopolysaccharide transport and assembly at the outer membrane: the PEZ modelOkuda, Suguru; Sherman, David J; Silhavy, Thomas J; Ruiz, Natividad; Kahne, Daniel
10-Jun-2016A lipoprotein/beta-barrel complex monitors lipopolysaccharide integrity transducing information across the outer membraneKonovalova, Anna; Mitchell, Angela M; Silhavy, Thomas J
Apr-2012Making a beta-barrel: assembly of outer membrane proteins in Gram-negative bacteriaRigel, Nathan W; Silhavy, Thomas J
Nov-2017Making a membrane on the other side of the wallMay, Kerrie L; Silhavy, Thomas J
Aug-2013Metabolite turns master regulatorRabinowitz, Joshua D; Silhavy, Thomas J
31-Dec-2014A mutant Escherichia coli that attaches peptidoglycan to lipopolysaccharide and displays cell wall on its surfaceGrabowicz, Marcin; Andres, Dorothee; Lebar, Matthew D; Malojčić, Goran; Kahne, Daniel; et al
15-Jan-2017Novel RpoS-Dependent Mechanisms Strengthen the Envelope Permeability Barrier during Stationary PhaseMitchell, Angela M; Wang, Wei; Silhavy, Thomas J
8-Sep-2017Outer Membrane BiogenesisKonovalova, Anna; Kahne, Daniel E; Silhavy, Thomas J