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Civil And Environmental Engineering

Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
3-Jan-2024Higher emissions scenarios lead to more extreme flooding in the United StatesKim, Hanbeen; Villarini, Gabriele
2024Cooperative Robotic Fabrication for a Circular EconomyBruun, Edvard P.G.; Parascho, Stefana; Adriaenssens, Sigrid
23-Feb-2023Microphysics of liquid water in sub-10 nm ultrafine aerosol particlesLi, Xiaohan; Bourg, Ian C
15-Feb-2023Structure–Thermodynamic Relationship of a Polysaccharide Gel (Alginate) as a Function of Water Content and Counterion Type (Na vs Ca)Agles, Avery; Bourg, Ian C.
15-Jan-2023North Atlantic Tropical Cyclone Outer Size and Structure Remain Unchanged by the Late Twenty-First CenturySchenkel, Benjamin A; Chavas, Daniel; Lin, Ning; Knutson, Thomas; Vecchi, Gabriel; et al
2023ZeroWaste — Towards Computing Cooperative Robotic Sequences for the Disassembly and Reuse of Timber Frame Structures.Bruun, Edvard P.G.; Besler, Erin; Adriaenssens, Sigrid; Parascho, Stefana
Oct-2022A decoupled SPH-FEM analysis of hydrodynamic wave pressure on hyperbolic-paraboloid thin-shell coastal armor and corresponding structural responseWu, Gaoyuan; Garlock, Maria E.; Wang, Shengzhe
20-Sep-2022Water Adsorption on Mica Surfaces with Hydrophilicity Tuned by Counterion Types (Na, K, and Cs) and Structural FluorinationKoishi, Ayumi; Lee, Sang Soo; Fenter, Paul; Fernandez-Martinez, Alejandro; Bourg, Ian C
23-Aug-2022Impact of organic solutes on capillary phenomena in water-CO2-quartz systemsSun, Emily Wei-Hsin; Bourg, Ian C
26-Jul-2022Competition between growth and shear stress drives intermittency in preferential flow paths in porous medium biofilmsKurz, Dorothee L; Secchi, Eleonora; Carrillo, Francisco J; Bourg, Ian C; Stocker, Roman; et al
20-Jul-2022Structure of Water Adsorbed on Nanocrystalline Calcium Silicate Hydrate Determined from Neutron Scattering and Molecular Dynamics SimulationsZhakiyeva, Zhanar; Cuello, Gabriel J; Fischer, Henry E; Bowron, Daniel T; Dejoie, Catherine; et al
12-Apr-2022Activity Coefficients and Solubilities of NaCl in Water–Methanol Solutions from Molecular Dynamics SimulationsSina Hassanjani, Saravi; Panagiotopoulos, Athanassios Z.
1-Apr-2022Dielectric Properties of Water in Charged NanoporesUnderwood, Thomas R; Bourg, Ian C
Mar-2022The impact of sub-resolution porosity on numerical simulations of multiphase flowCarrillo, Francisco J; Soulaine, Cyprien; Bourg, Ian C
5-Aug-2021Ion correlations drive charge overscreening and heterogeneous nucleation at solid–aqueous electrolyte interfacesLee, Sang Soo; Koishi, Ayumi; Bourg, Ian C; Fenter, Paul
Aug-2021Robotic construction of a self-balancing glass masonry vault: DEM study of stability during the construction stagesParis, Vittorio; Lepore, Nicola; Bruun, Edvard P.G.; Ruscica, Giuseppe; Piccioni, Mario; et al
15-Jun-2021Capillary and viscous fracturing during drainage in porous mediaCarrillo, Francisco J; Bourg, Ian C
2021Dynamic interactions at the mineral–organic matter interfaceKleber, Markus; Bourg, Ian C; Coward, Elizabeth K; Hansel, Colleen M; Myneni, Satish CB; et al
30-Dec-2020Modeling Multiphase Flow Within and Around Deformable Porous Materials: A Darcy‐Brinkman‐Biot ApproachCarrillo, Francisco J; Bourg, Ian C
25-Nov-2020Human–robot collaboration: a fabrication framework for the sequential design and construction of unplanned spatial structuresBruun, Edvard P.G.; Ting, Ian; Adriaenssens, Sigrid; Parascho, Stefana