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Civil And Environmental Engineering

Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
2016The GEWEX LandFlux project: evaluation of model evaporation using tower-based and globally gridded forcing dataMcCabe, MF; Ershadi, A; Jimenez, C; Miralles, DG; Michel, D; et al
Dec-2015The Flashiest Watersheds in the Contiguous United StatesSmith, Brianne K; Smith, James A
Nov-2015Seasonal Forecasting of Global Hydrologic Extremes: System Development and Evaluation over GEWEX BasinsYuan, Xing; Roundy, Joshua K; Wood, Eric F; Sheffield, Justin
Nov-2015The Observed State of the Water Cycle in the Early Twenty-First CenturyRodell, M; Beaudoing, HK; L’Ecuyer, TS; Olson, WS; Famiglietti, JS; et al
13-Oct-2015Increased threat of tropical cyclones and coastal flooding to New York City during the anthropogenic eraReed, Andra J; Mann, Michael E; Emanuel, Kerry A; Lin, Ning; Horton, Benjamin P; et al
27-Sep-2015Ammonia and methane dairy emission plumes in the San Joaquin Valley of California from individual feedlot to regional scalesMiller, David J; Sun, Kang; Tao, Lei; Pan, Da; Zondlo, Mark A; et al
Sep-2015A Model for the Complete Radial Structure of the Tropical Cyclone Wind Field. Part I: Comparison with Observed Structure*Chavas, Daniel R; Lin, Ning; Emanuel, Kerry
Aug-2015NEXRAD NWS Polarimetric Precipitation Product Evaluation for IFloodSCunha, Luciana K; Smith, James A; Krajewski, Witold F; Baeck, Mary Lynn; Seo, Bong-Chul
Aug-2015Lagrangian Analyses of Rainfall Structure and Evolution for Organized Thunderstorm Systems in the Urban Corridor of the Northeastern United StatesYeung, June K; Smith, James A; Baeck, Mary Lynn; Villarini, Gabriele
Aug-2015Prospects for Advancing Drought Understanding, Monitoring, and PredictionWood, Eric F; Schubert, Siegfried D; Wood, Andrew W; Peters-Lidard, Christa D; Mo, Kingtse C; et al
Jun-2015Impact of model structure and parameterization on Penman–Monteith type evaporation modelsErshadi, A; McCabe, MF; Evans, JP; Wood, EF
Jun-2015Optimization of a Radiative Transfer Forward Operator for Simulating SMOS Brightness Temperatures over the Upper Mississippi BasinLievens, H; Al Bitar, A; Verhoest, NEC; Cabot, F; De Lannoy, GJM; et al
Jun-2015Copula-Based Downscaling of Coarse-Scale Soil Moisture Observations With Implicit Bias CorrectionVerhoest, Niko EC; van den Berg, Martinus Johannes; Martens, Brecht; Lievens, Hans; Wood, Eric F; et al
Jun-2015A Framework for Diagnosing Seasonal Prediction through Canonical Event AnalysisRoundy, Joshua K; Yuan, Xing; Schaake, John; Wood, Eric F
Jun-2015The energy balance over land and oceans: an assessment based on direct observations and CMIP5 climate modelsWild, Martin; Folini, Doris; Hakuba, Maria Z; Schär, Christoph; Seneviratne, Sonia I; et al
Apr-2015Detection of Steel Fatigue Cracks with Strain Sensing Sheets Based on Large Area ElectronicsYao, Yao; Glisic, Branko
Apr-2015The Attribution of Land–Atmosphere Interactions on the Seasonal Predictability of DroughtRoundy, Joshua K; Wood, Eric F
Mar-2015Flow regimes for fluid injection into a confined porous mediumZheng, Zhong; Guo, Bo; Christov, Ivan C; Celia, Michael A; Stone, Howard A
1-Feb-2015Internationally coordinated multi-mission planning is now critical to sustain the space-based rainfall observations needed for managing floods globallyReed, Patrick M; Chaney, Nathaniel W; Herman, Jonathan D; Ferringer, Matthew P; Wood, Eric F
Feb-2015On the Climatology of Precipitable Water and Water Vapor Flux in the Mid-Atlantic Region of the United StatesRyu, Young-Hee; Smith, James A; Bou-Zeid, Elie