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Civil And Environmental Engineering

Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
24-Nov-2020Molecular dynamics simulation of the adsorption of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) on smectite clayWillemsen, Jennifer AR; Bourg, Ian C.
5-Nov-2020Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Mineral Surface Wettability by Water Versus CO2: Thin Films, Contact Angles, and Capillary Pressure in a Silica NanoporeSun, Emily Wei-Hsin; Bourg, Ian C.
13-Oct-2020Molecular dynamics simulations of the colloidal interaction between smectite clay nanoparticles in liquid waterShen, Xinyi; Bourg, Ian C
10-Sep-2020Multiphase flow modeling in multiscale porous media: An open-source micro-continuum approachCarrillo, Francisco J.; Bourg, Ian C.; Soulaine, Cyprien
21-Jan-2020Large-Scale Molecular Dynamics Simulation of the Dehydration of a Suspension of Smectite Clay NanoparticlesUnderwood, Thomas R.; Bourg, Ian C.
2020Amortized Finite Element Analysis for Fast PDE-Constrained OptimizationXue, Tianju; Beatson, Alex; Adriaenssens, Sigrid; Adams, Ryan
2020Correction: Curvature-induced hydrophobicity at imogolite–water interfacesFernandez-Martinez, Alejandro; Tao, Jinhui; Wallace, Adam F; Bourg, Ian C; Johnson, Mark R; et al
2020Variability observed over time in methane emissions from abandoned oil and gas wellsRiddick, Stuart N; Mauzerall, Denise L.; Celia, Michael A.; Kang, Mary; Bandilla, Karl
2020LightVault: A design and robotic fabrication method for complex masonry structuresParascho, Stefana; Han, Isla Xi; Beghini, Alessandro; Miki, Masaaki; Walker, Samantha; et al
2020From Concept to Construction - A Transferable Design and Robotic Fabrication Method for a Building-Scale Vault.Han, Isla Xi; Bruun, Edvard P.G.; Marsh, Stuart; Tavano, Matteo; Adriaenssens, Sigrid; et al
Dec-2019A guideline for appropriate application of vertically-integrated modeling approaches for geologic carbon storage modelingBandilla, Karl W; Guo, Bo; Celia, Michael A
20-Nov-2019Physical Properties of Interfacial Layers Developed on Weathered Silicates: A Case Study Based on Labradorite FeldsparWild, Bastien; Daval, Damien; Micha, Jean-Sébastien; Bourg, Ian C.; White, Claire E.; et al
16-Oct-2019A Darcy‐Brinkman‐Biot Approach to Modeling the Hydrology and Mechanics of Porous Media Containing Macropores and Deformable Microporous RegionsCarrillo, Francisco J.; Bourg, Ian C.
Apr-2019Chemo-mechanical coupling in fine-grained soils and sedimentary rocksBourg, Ian C; Carrillo, Francisco J.; Shen, Xinyi S; Underwood, Thomas R.
1-Sep-2018Radiocesium interaction with clay minerals: Theory and simulation advances Post–FukushimaOkumura, Masahiko; Kerisit, Sebastien; Bourg, Ian C; Lammers, Laura N; Ikeda, Takashi; et al
1-Aug-2018Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Water Structure and Diffusion in a 1-nm-diameter Silica Nanopore as a Function of Surface Charge and Alkali Metal Counterion IdentityCollin, Marie; Gin, Stéphane; Dazas, Baptiste; Mahadevan, Thiruvillamalai; Du, Jincheng; et al
14-Apr-2018Radiocesium interaction with clay minerals: Theory and simulation advances Post–FukushimaOkumura, Masahiko; Kerisit, Sebastien; Bourg, Ian C.; Lammers, Laura N; Ikeda, Takashi; et al
1-Mar-2018Interactions between urban heat islands and heat wavesZhao, Lei; Oppenheimer, Michael; Zhu, Qing; Baldwin, Jane W.; Ebi, Kristie L.; et al
1-Sep-2017Clay, Water, and Salt: Controls on the Permeability of Fine-Grained Sedimentary RocksBourg, Ian C.; Ajo-Franklin, Jonathan B
11-Apr-2017Stern Layer Structure and Energetics at Mica–Water InterfacesBourg, Ian C; Lee, Sang Soo; Fenter, Paul; Tournassat, Christophe