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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
25-Mar-2016Addressing spin transitions on Bi 209 donors in silicon using circularly polarized microwavesYasukawa, T; Sigillito, AJ; Rose, BC; Tyryshkin, AM; Lyon, Stephen A
27-May-2015Anisotropic stark effect and electric-field noise suppression for phosphorus donor qubits in siliconSigillito, AJ; Tyryshkin, AM; Lyon, Stephen A
10-Jul-2017Coherent Rabi dynamics of a superradiant spin ensemble in a microwave cavityRose, BC; Tyryshkin, AM; Riemann, H; Abrosimov, NV; Becker, P; et al
4-Dec-2012Decoherence mechanisms of 209Bi donor electron spins in isotopically pure 28SiWolfowicz, G; Simmons, S; Tyryshkin, AM; George, RE; Riemann, H; et al
14-Feb-2012Effect of pulse error accumulation on dynamical decoupling of the electron spins of phosphorus donors in siliconWang, Z-H; Zhang, W; Tyryshkin, AM; Lyon, Stephen A; Ager, JW; et al
19-Dec-2011Efficient clocked electron transfer on superfluid heliumBradbury, FR; Takita, M; Gurrieri, TM; Wilkel, KJ; Eng, K; et al
24-Apr-2012Electrical activation and electron spin resonance measurements of implanted bismuth in isotopically enriched silicon-28Weis, CD; Lo, CC; Lang, V; Tyryshkin, AM; George, RE; et al
4-Dec-2011Electron spin coherence exceeding seconds in high-purity siliconTyryshkin, AM; Tojo, S; Morton, JJL; Riemann, H; Abrosimov, NV; et al
7-Dec-2015Electron Spin Coherence of Shallow Donors in Natural and Isotopically Enriched GermaniumSigillito, AJ; Jock, RM; Tyryshkin, AM; Beeman, JW; Haller, EE; et al
20-Jan-2017Electron Spin Resonance at the Level of 10(4) Spins Using Low Impedance Superconducting ResonatorsEichler, C; Sigillito, AJ; Lyon, Stephen A; Petta, Jason R
9-Jun-2015ESR measurements of phosphorus dimers in isotopically enriched Si 28 siliconShankar, S; Tyryshkin, AM; Lyon, Stephen A
Jun-2014Fast, low-power manipulation of spin ensembles in superconducting microresonatorsSigillito, AJ; Malissa, H; Tyryshkin, AM; Riemann, H; Abrosimov, NV; et al
22-Sep-2014Host isotope mass effects on the hyperfine interaction of group-V donors in siliconSekiguchi, T; Tyryshkin, AM; Tojo, S; Abe, E; Mori, R; et al
18-Nov-2014Hyperfine Stark effect of shallow donors in siliconPica, G; Wolfowicz, G; Urdampilleta, M; Thewalt, MLW; Riemann, H; et al
2014Isolating electrons on superfluid heliumTakita, M; Lyon, Stephen A
16-Sep-2016Large Stark tuning of donor electron spin qubits in germaniumSigillito, AJ; Tyryshkin, AM; Beeman, JW; Haller, EE; Itoh, KM; et al
17-Jul-2017Multi-frequency spin manipulation using rapidly tunable superconducting coplanar waveguide microresonatorsAsfaw, AT; Sigillito, AJ; Tyryshkin, AM; Schenkel, T; Lyon, Stephen A
4-Apr-2016Nuclear spin decoherence of neutral P 31 donors in silicon: Effect of environmental Si 29 nucleiPetersen, ES; Tyryshkin, AM; Morton, JJL; Abe, E; Tojo, S; et al
9-Jan-2012Probing band-tail states in silicon metal-oxide-semiconductor heterostructures with electron spin resonanceJock, RM; Shankar, S; Tyryshkin, AM; He, J; Eng, K; et al
2012Spatial distribution of electrons on a superfluid helium charge-coupled deviceTakita, M; Bradbury, FR; Gurrieri, TM; Wilkel, KJ; Eng, K; et al