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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
15-Apr-2016Quantity Versus Quality: A Survey Experiment to Improve the Network Scale-up MethodFeehan, Dennis M; Umubyeyi, Aline; Mahy, Mary; Hladik, Wolfgang; Salganik, Matthew J
Dec-2015Strengthening the Reporting of Observational Studies in Epidemiology for respondent-driven sampling studies: “STROBE-RDS” statementWhite, Richard G; Hakim, Avi J; Salganik, Matthew J; Spiller, Michael W; Johnston, Lisa G; et al
20-May-2015Wiki Surveys: Open and Quantifiable Social Data CollectionSalganik, Matthew J; Levy, Karen EC
Jan-2015Diagnostics for respondent-driven samplingGile, Krista J; Johnston, Lisa G; Salganik, Matthew J
Jan-2012Commentary: Respondent-driven Sampling in the Real World.Salganik, Matthew J
15-Nov-2011Assessing Network Scale-up Estimates for Groups Most at Risk of HIV/AIDS: Evidence From a Multiple-Method Study of Heavy Drug Users in Curitiba, BrazilSalganik, MJ; Fazito, D; Bertoni, N; Abdo, AH; Mello, MB; et al
Nov-2011On Nonstable and Stable Population MomentumEspenshade, Thomas J.; Olgiati, Analia S.; Levin, Simon A.