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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
2017Reasonable mistakes and regulative norms: Racial bias in defensive harmBolinger, Renee
1-Dec-2016The Normative Logic of Religious LibertyPatten, Alan W.
3-Nov-2016Equal citizenship, neutrality, and democracy: a reply to critics of Equal RecognitionPatten, Alan W.
Nov-2016Introduction: Big data in political economyMian, Atif R.; Rosenthal, Howard L.
9-Aug-2016Changing capabilities, uncertainty, and the risk of war in crisis bargainingBenson, Brett V; Meirowitz, Adam; Ramsay, Kristopher W
2-Jul-2016Broome on reasoning and rule-followingPettit, Philip N.
20-Jun-2016Simulating representation: The devil’s in the detailGilens, Martin I.
17-May-2016Making Up Your Mind: How Language Enables Self-Knowledge, Self-Knowability and PersonhoodPettit, Philip N.
5-May-2016Priming racial resentment without stereotypic cuesStephens-Dougan, LaFleur
10-Mar-2016Does Stigmatized Social Risk Lead to Denialism? Results from a Survey Experiment on Race, Risk Perception, and Health Policy in the United States.Dunham, Yarrow; Lieberman, Evan S.; Snell, Steven A.
28-Jan-2016A Brief History of Liberty—And Its LessonsPettit, Philip N.
3-Jul-2015Robust Estimation of Inverse Probability Weights for Marginal Structural ModelsImai, Kosuke; Ratkovic, Marc
Jul-2015Polarizing the electoral connection: Partisan representation in Supreme Court confirmation politicsKastellec, John; Lax, JR; Malecki, M; Phillips, JH
24-Jun-2015Freedom: Psychological, ethical, and politicalPettit, Philip N.
29-Apr-2015Coethnic bias and wartime informingLyall, Jason; Shiraito, Yuki; Imai, Kosuke
Mar-2015The desirability and feasibility of restorative justiceMcgeer, Victoria; Pettit, Philip N.
Jan-2015The politics of opinion assignment and authorship on the us court of appeals: Evidence from sexual harassment casesFarhang, Sean; Kastellec, John; Wawro, GJ
22-Dec-2014Does corruption information inspire the fight or quash the hope? A field experiment in Mexico on voter turnout, choice, and party identificationChong, Alberto; De La O, Ana L.; Karlan, Dean; Wantchekon, Leonard
21-Nov-2014Racing toward Tragedy?: China's Rise, Military Competition in the Asia Pacific, and the Security DilemmaLiff, Adam P; Ikenberry, G. John
Oct-2014The Classical Liberal Constitution: The Uncertain Quest for Limited GovernmentWhittington, Keith E