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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
4-Jun-2019"i'm Not the President of Black America": Rhetorical versus Policy RepresentationHaines, Pavielle E.; Mendelberg, Tali; Butler, Bennett
Dec-2011The slave trade and the origins of Mistrust in AfricaNunn, Nathan; Wantchekon, Leonard
2013Identification and sensitivity analysis for multiple causal mechanisms: Revisiting evidence from framing experimentsImai, Kosuke; Yamamoto, Teppei
14-Aug-2017A man for all seasons: Historical memory and John MarshallFrost, Daniel; Whittington, Keith E
1-Nov-2012Experimental designs for identifying causal mechanismsImai, Kosuke; Tingley, Dustin; Yamamoto, Teppei
3-May-2017Political realism meets civic republicanismPettit, Philip N.
Oct-2014The Classical Liberal Constitution: The Uncertain Quest for Limited GovernmentWhittington, Keith E
1-Oct-2018Do enclaves remediate social inequality?Karpowitz, Christopher F.; Mendelberg, Tali
28-Jan-2016A Brief History of Liberty—And Its LessonsPettit, Philip N.
1-Dec-2016The Normative Logic of Religious LibertyPatten, Alan W.