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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
28-Oct-2013Stephen G. Brooks, G. John Ikenberry, and William C. Wohlforth ReplyBrooks, Stephen G; Ikenberry, G. John; Wohlforth, William C.
21-Nov-2014Racing toward Tragedy?: China's Rise, Military Competition in the Asia Pacific, and the Security DilemmaLiff, Adam P; Ikenberry, G. John
13-Dec-2012Don't Come Home, America: The Case against RetrenchmentBrooks, Stephen G; Ikenberry, G John; Wohlforth, William C
28-Oct-2013Debating American Engagement: The Future of U.S. Grand StrategyCraig, Campbell; Friedman, Benjamin H; Green, Brendan Rittenhouse; Logan, Justin; Brooks, Stephen G, et al
May-2019Using a probabilistic model to assist merging of large-scale administrative recordsEnamorado, Ted; Fifield, Benjamin; Imai, Kosuke
Jul-2015Polarizing the electoral connection: Partisan representation in Supreme Court confirmation politicsKastellec, John; Lax, JR; Malecki, M; Phillips, JH
Aug-2014Mediation: R package for causal mediation analysisTingley, Dustin; Yamamoto, Teppei; Hirose, Kentaro; Keele, Luke; Imai, Kosuke
Jan-2013The supreme court and percolation in the lower courts: An optimal stopping modelClark, Tom S.; Kastellec, John
Jan-2015The politics of opinion assignment and authorship on the us court of appeals: Evidence from sexual harassment casesFarhang, Sean; Kastellec, John; Wawro, GJ
Jul-2014Religion in the arab spring: Between two competing narrativesHoffman, Michael; Jamal, Amaney A.