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Molecular Biology

Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
24Cerebellar plasticity and motor learning deficits in a copy-number variation mouse model of autismPiochon, Claire; Kloth, Alexander D; Grasselli, Giorgio; Titley, Heather K; Nakayama, Hisako; et al
19-Mar-2024Recent insights from non-mammalian models of brain injuries: an emerging literatureKatchur, Nicole J.; Notterman, Daniel A.
31-Aug-2023Single-cell massively-parallel multiplexed microbial sequencing (M3-seq) identifies rare bacterial populations and profiles phage infectionWang, Bruce; Lin, Aaron E; Yuan, Jiayi; Koch, Matthias D; Adamson, Britt; et al
6-Oct-2022How Microtubules Build the Spindle Branch by BranchTravis, Sophie M; Mahon, Brian P; Petry, Sabine
Sep-2022Gut bacterial nutrient preferences quantified in vivoZeng, Xianfeng; Xing, Xi; Gupta, Meera; Keber, Felix C; Lopez, Jaime G; et al
29-Aug-2022The Variable CTCF Site from Drosophila melanogaster Ubx Gene is Redundant and Has no Insulator ActivityIbragimov, AN; Bylino, OV; Kyrchanova, OV; Shidlovskii, YV; White, R; et al
25-Aug-2022A new mechanism of fibronectin fibril assembly revealed by live imaging and super-resolution microscopyTomer, Darshika; Arriagada, Cecilia; Munshi, Sudipto; Alexander, Brianna E; French, Brenda; et al
8-Aug-2022SIG-1451, a Novel, Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Compound, Attenuates Light-Induced Photoreceptor Degeneration by Affecting the Inflammatory ProcessKikuchi, Yuki; Sugano, Eriko; Yuki, Shiori; Tabata, Kitako; Endo, Yuka; et al
9-Jul-2022Conversion of hepatitis B virus relaxed circular to covalently closed circular DNA is supported in murine cellsWei, Lei; Cafiero, Thomas R; Tseng, Anna; Gertje, Hans P; Berneshawi, Andrew; et al
15-Jun-2022An observation of attempted infanticide and female-female cooperation in wild plains zebras (Equus quagga)Hex, Severine B.S.W.; Mwangi, Margaret; Warungu, Rosemary; Rubenstein, Daniel I.
1-May-2022GAGA factor: a multifunctional pioneering chromatin proteinChetverina, Darya; Erokhin, Maksim; Schedl, Paul D
19-Apr-2022Humanized mice reveal a macrophage-enriched gene signature defining human lung tissue protection during SARS-CoV-2 infectionKenney, Devin J; O’Connell, Aoife K; Turcinovic, Jacquelyn; Montanaro, Paige; Hekman, Ryan M; et al
1-Apr-2022Animal models for hepatitis B: does the supply meet the demand?Ploss, Alexander; Strick-Marchand, Hélène; Li, Wenhui
Apr-2022Recent advances and limitations in the application of kahalalides for the control of cancerWyer, Scott; Townsend, Danyelle M; Ye, Zhiwei; Kourtidis, Antonis; Choo, Yeun-Mun; et al
9-Mar-2022Induction of broadly neutralizing antibodies using a secreted form of the hepatitis C virus E1E2 heterodimer as a vaccine candidateWang, Ruixue; Suzuki, Saori; Guest, Johnathan D; Heller, Brigitte L; Almeda, Maricar; et al
3-Feb-2022Inexpensive Multipatient Respiratory Monitoring System for Helmet Ventilation During COVID-19 PandemicBourrianne, Philippe; Chidzik, Stanley; J. Cohen, Daniel; Elmer, Peter; Hallowell, Thomas; et al
7-Jan-2022Generation and characterization of genetically and antigenically diverse infectious clones of dengue virus serotypes 1–4Tamura, Tomokazu; Zhang, Jiayu; Madan, Vrinda; Biswas, Abhishek; Schwoerer, Michael P; et al
5-Jan-2022Preformation and epigenesis converge to specify primordial germ cell fate in the early Drosophila embryoColonnetta, Megan M; Goyal, Yogesh; Johnson, Heath E; Syal, Sapna; Schedl, Paul D.; et al
Jan-2022Heparan sulfate is necessary for the early formation of nascent fibronectin and collagen I fibrils at matrix assembly sitesHill, Katherine E; Lovett, Benjamin M; Schwarzbauer, Jean E
20-Dec-2021A Mathematical Model for Early HBV and -HDV Kinetics during Anti-HDV TreatmentZakh, Rami; Churkin, Alexander; Bietsch, William; Lachiany, Menachem; Cotler, Scott J; et al