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Office of Population Research

Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
Oct-2018Motherhood Penalties and Living Arrangements in ChinaYu, Jia; Xie, Yu
12-Sep-2018Epidemic dynamics, interactions and predictability of enteroviruses associated with hand, foot and mouth disease in JapanTakahashi, Saki; Metcalf, C. Jessica E.; Arima, Yuzo; Fujimoto, Tsuguto; Shimizu, Hiroyuki; et al
15-Jul-2018Suburbanization and segregation in the United States: 1970–2010Massey, Douglas S.; Tannen, Jonathan
4-Jul-2018The social structure of mortgage discriminationSteil, Justin P.; Albright, Len; Rugh, Jacob S.; Massey, Douglas S.
2-Jul-2018Benefits and Challenges in Using Seroprevalence Data to Inform Models for Measles and Rubella EliminationWinter, Amy K.; Martinez, Micaela E.; Cutts, Felicity T.; Moss, William J.; Ferrari, Matt J.; et al
1-Jul-2018Variation in the education gradient of body weight in contemporary ChinaLuo, W; Xie, Yu
Jul-2018Declining mental health among disadvantaged Americans.Goldman, Noreen; Glei, Dana A.; Weinstein, Maxine
17-May-2018Analysis of multi-level spatial data reveals strong synchrony in seasonal influenza epidemics across Norway, Sweden, and DenmarkMorris, Sinead E.; Freiesleben de Blasio, Birgitte; Viboud, Cécile; Wesolowski, Amy; Bjørnstad, Ottar N.; et al
May-2018The emerging role of obesity in short-acting hormonal contraceptive effectiveness.Edelman, Alison; Trussell, James; Aiken, Abigail RA; Portman, David J; Chiodo, Joseph A; et al
May-2018The emerging role of obesity in short-acting hormonal contraceptive effectiveness.Edelman, Alison; Trussell, James; Aiken, Abigail R.A.; Portman, David J.; Chiodo, Joseph A.; et al
7-Apr-2018Impact of Public Health Responses During a Measles Outbreak in an Amish Community in Ohio: Modeling the Dynamics of TransmissionGastañaduy, Paul A.; Funk, Sebastian; Paul, Prabasaj; Tatham, Lilith; Fisher, Nicholas; et al
Apr-2018Telephone or integrated contraception counselling before abortion: impact on method choice and receipt.Lohr, Patricia A; Aiken, Abigail RA; Forsyth, Tracey; Trussell, James
20-Mar-2018The seasonality of nonpolio enteroviruses in the United States: Patterns and driversPons-Salort, Margarita; Oberste, M. Steven; Pallansch, Mark A.; Abedi, Glen R.; Takahashi, Saki; et al
7-Mar-2018Deploying digital health data to optimize influenza surveillance at national and local scalesLee, Elizabeth C.; Arab, Ali; Goldlust, Sandra M.; Viboud, Cécile; Grenfell, Bryan T.; et al
Mar-2018High resolution age-structured mapping of childhood vaccination coverage in low and middle income countriesUtazi, C. Edson; Thorley, Julia; Alegana, Victor A.; Ferrari, Matthew J.; Takahashi, Saki; et al
Feb-2018Barriers to accessing abortion services and perspectives on using mifepristone and misoprostol at home in Great Britain.Aiken, Abigail RA; Guthrie, Katherine A; Schellekens, Marlies; Trussell, James; Gomperts, Rebecca
22-Jan-2018Unreported cases in the 2014-2016 Ebola epidemic: Spatiotemporal variation, and implications for estimating transmissionDalziel, Benjamin D.; Lau, Max S.Y.; Tiffany, Amanda; McClelland, Amanda; Zelner, Jon; et al
1-Jan-2018Fogarty International Center collaborative networks in infectious disease modeling: Lessons learnt in research and capacity buildingNelson, Martha I.; Lloyd-Smith, James O.; Simonsen, Lone; Rambaut, Andrew; Holmes, Edward C.; et al
1-Jan-2018Geographic transmission hubs of the 2009 influenza pandemic in the United StatesKissler, Stephen M.; Gog, Julia R.; Viboud, Cécile; Charu, Vivek; Bjørnstad, Ottar N.; et al
1-Jan-2018Black Immigration, Occupational Niches, and Earnings Disparities Between U.S.-Born and Foreign-Born Blacks in the United StatesHamilton, Tod G.; Easley, Janeria A.; Dixon, Angela R.