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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
2-Jan-2017Corrigendum: Border Enforcement and Return Migration by Documented and Undocumented MexicansMassey, Douglas S.; Durand, Jorge; Pren, Karen A.
Jun-2016Riding the Stagecoach to Hell: A Qualitative Analysis of Racial Discrimination in Mortgage LendingMassey, Douglas S.; Rugh, Jacob S.; Steil, Justin P.; Albright, Len
Jul-2013Immigration & Language Diversity in the United StatesRumbaut, Rubén G.; Massey, Douglas S.
15-Jul-2018Suburbanization and segregation in the United States: 1970–2010Massey, Douglas S.; Tannen, Jonathan
Mar-2016Residential Segregation is the Linchpin of Racial StratificationMassey, Douglas S.
Jan-2012School Desegregation and Urban Change: Evidence from City BoundariesBoustan, Leah P.
Oct-2013The Effect of Rising Income Inequality on Taxation and Public Expenditures: Evidence from U.S. Municipalities and School Districts, 1970–2000Boustan, Leah P.; Ferreira, Fernando; Winkler, Hernan; Zolt, Eric M
May-2012Moving to Higher Ground: Migration Response to Natural Disasters in the Early Twentieth CenturyBoustan, Leah P.; Kahn, Matthew E; Rhode, Paul W
May-2015Race, Space, and Cumulative Disadvantage: A Case Study of the Subprime Lending CollapseRugh, Jacob S.; Albright, Len; Massey, Douglas S.
Jun-2014Beyond Self-Reports: Changes in Biomarkers as Predictors of MortalityGlei, Dana A; Goldman, Noreen; Rodríguez, Germán; Weinstein, Maxine