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Tuning of Fermi contour anisotropy in GaAs (001) 2D holes via strain

Author(s): Jo, I; Mueed, MA; Pfeiffer, LN; West, KW; Baldwin, KW; et al

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Abstract: We demonstrate tuning of the Fermi contour anisotropy of two-dimensional (2D) holes in a symmetric GaAs (001) quantum well via the application of in-plane strain. The ballistic transport of high-mobility hole carriers allows us to measure the Fermi wavevector of 2D holes via commensurability oscillations as a function of strain. Our results show that a small amount of in-plane strain, on the order of 10-4, can induce significant Fermi wavevector anisotropy as large as 3.3, equivalent to a mass anisotropy of 11 in a parabolic band. Our method to tune the anisotropy in situ provides a platform to study the role of anisotropy in phenomena such as the fractional quantum Hall effect and composite fermions in interacting 2D systems.
Publication Date: 2017
Citation: Jo, I, Mueed, MA, Pfeiffer, LN, West, KW, Baldwin, KW, Winkler, R, Padmanabhan, M, Shayegan, M. (2017). Tuning of Fermi contour anisotropy in GaAs (001) 2D holes via strain. Applied Physics Letters, 110 (10.1063/1.4984954
DOI: doi:10.1063/1.4984954
Type of Material: Journal Article
Journal/Proceeding Title: Applied Physics Letters
Version: Author's manuscript

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