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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
26-Feb-2021Subaru High-z Exploration of Low-luminosity Quasars (SHELLQs). XII. Extended [C II] Structure (Merger or Outflow) in a z = 6.72 Red QuasarIzumi, Takuma; Onoue, Masafusa; Matsuoka, Yoshiki; Strauss, Michael A; Fujimoto, Seiji; et al
22-Feb-2021Three-Dimensional Morphometry of Ooids in Oolites: A New Tool for More Accurate and Precise Paleoenvironmental InterpretationHowes, Bolton; Mehra, Akshay; Maloof, Adam C
15-Feb-2021Entanglement Phase Transitions in Measurement-Only DynamicsIppoliti, Matteo; Gullans, Michael J; Gopalakrishnan, Sarang; Huse, David A; Khemani, Vedika
1-Feb-2021Anomalous Dynamics of QBO Disruptions Explained by 1D Theory with External TriggeringMatch, Aaron; Fueglistaler, Stephan
27-Jan-20214D imaging reveals mechanisms of clay-carbon protection and releaseYang, Judy Q; Zhang, Xinning; Bourg, Ian C; Stone, Howard A
26-Jan-2021Sea Surface Salinity Response to Tropical Cyclones Based on Satellite ObservationsSun, Jingru; Vecchi, Gabriel; Soden, Brian
25-Jan-2021Compensation Between Cloud Feedback and Aerosol-Cloud Interaction in CMIP6 ModelsWang, Chenggong; Soden, Brian J; Yang, Wenchang; Vecchi, Gabriel A
25-Jan-2021Tropical Water Fluxes Dominated by Deep Convection Up to Near Tropopause LevelsBolot, Maximilien; Fueglistaler, Stephan
20-Jan-2021Placing High-redshift Quasars in Perspective: A Catalog of Spectroscopic Properties from the Gemini Near Infrared Spectrograph-Distant Quasar SurveyMatthews, Brandon M; Shemmer, Ohad; Dix, Cooper; Brotherton, Michael S; Myers, Adam D; et al
19-Jan-2021The Peculiar Trajectory of Global WarmingFueglistaler, Stephan; Silvers, LG
19-Jan-2021Estimating FST and kinship for arbitrary population structuresOchoa, Alejandro; Storey, John D
8-Jan-2021Groundwater discharge impacts marine isotope budgets of Li, Mg, Ca, Sr, and BaMayfield, Kimberley K; Eisenhauer, Anton; Santiago Ramos, Danielle P; Higgins, John A; Horner, Tristan J; et al
2021Boosting simple learnersAlon, Noga; Gonen, Alon; Hazan, Elad; Moran, Shay
2021Causal network inference from gene transcriptional time-series response to glucocorticoidsLu, Jonathan; Dumitrascu, Bianca; McDowell, Ian C; Jo, Brian; Barrera, Alejandro; et al
2021Optimal marker gene selection for cell type discrimination in single cell analysesDumitrascu, Bianca; Villar, Soledad; Mixon, Dustin; Engelhardt, Barbara E
2021Unbounded Procedure Summaries from Bounded EnvironmentsPick, Lauren; Fedyukovich, Grigory; Gupta, Aarti
2021Facebook's Tectonic Filesystem: Efficiency from ExascalePan, Satadru; Stavrinos, Theano; Zhang, Yunqiao; Sikaria, Atul; Zakharov, Pavel; et al
2021Hybrid III-V diamond photonic platform for quantum nodes based on neutral silicon vacancy centers in diamondHuang, D; Abulnaga, A; Welinski, S; Raha, M; Thompson, Jeffrey D; et al
2021Don't be a blockhead: zoned namespaces make work on conventional SSDs obsoleteStavrinos, Theano; Berger, Daniel S; Katz-Bassett, Ethan; Lloyd, Wyatt
2021Technical perspective: Why don't today's deep nets overfit to their training data?Arora, Sanjeev