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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
11-Jul-2019Biochemical reconstitution of branching microtubule nucleationAlfaro-Aco, Raymundo; Thawani, Akanksha; Petry, Sabine
10-Jul-2015Building the Microtubule Cytoskeleton Piece by PieceAlfaro-Aco, Ray; Petry, Sabine
-Confinement size determines the architecture of Ran-induced microtubule networksGai, Ya; Cook, Brian; Setru, Sagar; Stone, Howard A; Petry, Sabine
4-Sep-2018Dissecting Protein Complexes in Branching Microtubule Nucleation Using Meiotic Xenopus Egg ExtractsSong, Jae-Geun; Petry, Sabine
6-Oct-2022How Microtubules Build the Spindle Branch by BranchTravis, Sophie M; Mahon, Brian P; Petry, Sabine
Sep-2021Interaction of spindle assembly factor TPX2 with importins-α/β inhibits protein phase separationSafari, Mohammad S; King, Matthew R; Brangwynne, Clifford P; Petry, Sabine
Mar-2018The life of a microtubuleDixit, Ram; Petry, Sabine
2-Sep-2021Localization precision in chromatic multifocal imagingAmin, M Junaid; Petry, Sabine; Shaevitz, Joshua W; Yang, Haw
Jul-2018Mechanism of how augmin directly targets the γ-tubulin ring complex to microtubulesSong, Jae-Geun; King, Matthew R; Zhang, Rui; Kadzik, Rachel S; Thawani, Akanksha; et al
2-Jun-2016Mechanisms of Mitotic Spindle AssemblyPetry, Sabine
14-Jan-2020Phase separation of TPX2 enhances and spatially coordinates microtubule nucleationKing, Matthew R; Petry, Sabine
9-Jan-2018Phase Transitioning the Centrosome into a Microtubule NucleatorRale, Michael J; Kadzik, Rachel S; Petry, Sabine
8-May-2019Spatiotemporal organization of branched microtubule networksThawani, Akanksha; Stone, Howard A; Shaevitz, Joshua W; Petry, Sabine
Apr-2017Structural analysis of the role of TPX2 in branching microtubule nucleationAlfaro-Aco, Raymundo; Thawani, Akanksha; Petry, Sabine
13-Jun-2020The transition state and regulation of γ-TuRC-mediated microtubule nucleation revealed by single molecule microscopyThawani, Akanksha; Rale, Michael J; Coudray, Nicolas; Bhabha, Gira; Stone, Howard A; et al
-Uniform intensity in multifocal microscopy using a spatial light modulatorAmin, M Junaid; Petry, Sabine; Yang, Haw; Shaevitz, Joshua W
2016Visualizing and Analyzing Branching Microtubule Nucleation Using Meiotic Xenopus Egg Extracts and TIRF Microscopy.King, Matthew; Petry, Sabine
25-Oct-2018XMAP215 is a microtubule nucleation factor that functions synergistically with the gamma-tubulin ring complexThawani, Akanksha; Kadzik, Rachel S; Petry, Sabine