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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
Jun-2013Act Your (Old) Age: Prescriptive, Ageist Biases Over Succession, Consumption, and IdentityNorth, Michael S.; Fiske, Susan T.
1-Jul-2016Animals as Social Objects: Groups, Stereotypes, and Intergroup ThreatsSevillano, VerĂ³nica; Fiske, Susan T.
Jan-2011Best Practices: How to Evaluate Psychological Science for Use by OrganizationsFiske, Susan T.; Borgida, Eugene
Dec-2011Bounded Empathy: Neural Responses to Outgroup Targets' (Mis)fortunesCikara, Mina; Fiske, Susan T.
Apr-2012Brands as Intentional Agents Framework: How Perceived Intentions and Ability Can Map Brand PerceptionKervyn, Nicolas; Fiske, Susan T.; Malone, Chris
Dec-2012Contentment to resentment: Variation in stereotype content across status systemsOldmeadow, Julian A; Fiske, Susan T.
Jun-2012Dearth by a Thousand Cuts? Accounting for Gender Differences in Top-Ranked Publication Rates in Social PsychologyCikara, Mina; Rudman, Laurie; Fiske, Susan T.
1-Jan-2011Dehumanized Perception: A Psychological Means to Facilitate Atrocities, Torture, and Genocide?Harris, Lasana T.; Fiske, Susan T.
Sep-2013Divided by Status: Upward Envy and Downward ScornFiske, Susan T.
Jan-2013Downplaying Positive Impressions: Compensation Between Warmth and Competence in Impression ManagementHoloien, Deborah Son; Fiske, Susan T.
Sep-2016Fantasia: Being Emotionally Involved with a Stereotyped Target Changes Stereotype WarmthSevillano, Veronica; Fiske, Susan T.
1-Jan-2015Forecasting the Primary Dimension of Social Perception: Symbolic and Realistic Threats Together Predict Warmth in the Stereotype Content ModelKervyn, Nicolas; Fiske, Susan T.; Yzerbyt, Vincent
Jul-2017Going in Many Right Directions, All at OnceFiske, Susan T.
Aug-2015Grolar Bears, Social Class, and Policy Relevance: Extraordinary Agendas for the Emerging 21st CenturyFiske, Susan T.
Apr-2014How Social Neuroscience Can Inform Theories of Social ComparisonSwencionis, Jillian K.; Fiske, Susan T.
Dec-2017How Social-Class Stereotypes Maintain InequalityDurante, Federica; Fiske, Susan T.
Sep-2016How to Publish Rigorous Experiments in the 21st CenturyFiske, Susan T.
Sep-2012An Inconvenienced Youth? Ageism and its Potential Intergenerational RootsNorth, Michael S.; Fiske, Susan T.
Jan-2012The Innuendo Effect: Hearing the Positive but Inferring the NegativeKervyn, Nicolas; Bergsieker, Hilary B.; Fiske, Susan T.
Dec-2013Integrating the Stereotype Content Model (Warmth and Competence) and the Osgood Semantic Differential (Evaluation, Potency, and Activity)Kervyn, Nicolas; Fiske, Susan T.; Yzerbyt, Vincent Y.