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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
2020Thermal and Quantum Melting Phase Diagrams for a Magnetic-Field-Induced Wigner SolidMa, MK; Villegas Rosales, KA; Deng, H; Chung, YJ; Pfeiffer, LN; et al
Jul-2017Transference of Fermi Contour Anisotropy to Composite FermionsJo, Insun; Rosales, KA Villegas; Mueed, MA; Pfeiffer, LN; West, KW; et al
2017Tuning of Fermi contour anisotropy in GaAs (001) 2D holes via strainJo, I; Mueed, MA; Pfeiffer, LN; West, KW; Baldwin, KW; et al
2018Unconventional Anisotropic Even-Denominator Fractional Quantum Hall State in a System with Mass AnisotropyHossain, MS; Ma, MK; Chung, YJ; Pfeiffer, LN; West, KW; et al
Nov-2015Unusual Landau level pinning and correlated quantum Hall effect in hole systems confined to wide GaAs quantum wellsLiu, Yang; Hasdemir, S; Shayegan, Mansour; Pfeiffer, LN; West, KW; et al
Nov-2014What Determines the Fermi Wave Vector of Composite Fermions?Kamburov, D; Liu, Yang; Mueed, MA; Shayegan, Mansour; Pfeiffer, LN; et al
2019Wigner solid pinning modes tuned by fractional quantum Hall states of a nearby layerHatke, AT; Deng, H; Liu, Y; Engel, LW; Pfeiffer, LN; et al
2018Wigner solids of wide quantum wells near Landau filling ν=1Hatke, AT; Liu, Y; Engel, LW; Pfeiffer, LN; West, KW; et al
2020Working principles of doping-well structures for high-mobility two-dimensional electron systemsChung, YJ; Rosales, KAV; Baldwin, KW; West, KW; Shayegan, Mansour; et al