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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
8-Mar-2019Mechanical instability and interfacial energy drive biofilm morphogenesis.Yan, Jing; Fei, Chenyi; Mao, Sheng; Moreau, Alexis; Wingreen, Ned S; et al
17-Mar-2015Mechanical Tuning of the Evaporation Rate of Liquid on Crossed FibersBoulogne, François; Sauret, Alban; Soh, Beatrice; Dressaire, Emilie; Stone, Howard A
May-2015The Mechanical World of BacteriaPersat, Alexandre; Nadell, Carey D; Kim, Minyoung Kevin; Ingremeau, Francois; Siryaporn, Albert; et al
2017Membraneless water filtration using CO<inf>2</inf>Shin, S; Shardt, O; Warren, PB; Stone, Howard A
2013A New Angle on Microscopic Suspension Feeders near BoundariesPepper, Rachel E; Roper, Marcus; Ryu, Sangjin; Matsumoto, Nobuyoshi; Nagai, Moeto; et al
2020Nonuniform growth and surface friction determine bacterial biofilm morphology on soft substratesFei, C; Mao, S; Yan, J; Alert, R; Stone, Howard A; et al
Mar-2015A note on the breathing mode of an elastic sphere in Newtonian and complex fluidsGalstyan, Vahe; Pak, On Shun; Stone, Howard A
2013An "off-the-shelf" capillary microfluidic device that enables tuning of the droplet breakup regime at constant flow ratesBenson, BR; Stone, Howard A; Prud Homme, Robert K
2014A pinned or free-floating rigid plate on a thin viscous filmTrinh, Philippe H; Wilson, Stephen K; Stone, Howard A
2019Propulsion driven by self-oscillation via an electrohydrodynamic instabilityZhu, L; Stone, Howard A
2017Protocol to perform pressurized blister tests on thin elastic filmsBoulogne, F; Khodaparast, S; Poulard, C; Stone, Howard A
2019A quantitative study of the effect of flow on the photopolymerization of fibersSlutzky, Malcolm; Stone, Howard A; Nunes, Janine K
2019Rapid Spreading of a Droplet on a Thin Soap FilmMotaghian, M; Shirsavar, R; Erfanifam, M; Sabouhi, M; Van Der Linden, E; et al
2018Reciprocal theorem for the prediction of the normal force induced on a particle translating parallel to an elastic membraneDaddi-Moussa-Ider, A; Rallabandi, B; Gekle, S; Stone, Howard A
2019Representative subsampling of sedimenting bloodRallabandi, B; Nunes, JK; Perazzo, A; Gershtein, S; Stone, Howard A
Jun-2016Rivulet flow over a flexible beamHowell, PD; Kim, H; Popova, MG; Stone, Howard A
Jun-2016Role of the Membrane for Mechanosensing by Tethered ChannelsSabass, Benedikt; Stone, Howard A
2018Rotation of a low-Reynolds-number watermill: Theory and simulationsZhu, L; Stone, Howard A
2020Rotation of a submerged finite cylinder moving down a soft inclineSaintyves, B; Rallabandi, B; Jules, T; Ault, J; Salez, T; et al
2017Rotation of an immersed cylinder sliding near a thin elastic coatingRallabandi, B; Saintyves, B; Jules, T; Salez, T; Schönecker, C; et al