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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
22-Mar-2012Efficient coarse simulation of a growing avascular tumorKavousanakis, M.E.; Liu, Ping; Boudouvis, A.G.; Lowengrub, J.; Kevrekidis, Yannis G.
1-Sep-2016Equation-free analysis of a dynamically evolving multigraphHoliday, Alexander; Kevrekidis, Yannis G.
Dec-2015Equation-free analysis of spike-timing-dependent plasticityLaing, Carlo R.; Kevrekidis, Yannis G.
1-Jun-2014An equation-free approach to coarse-graining the dynamics of networksBold, K.A.; Rajendran, K.; RĂ¡th, B.; Kevrekidis, Yannis G.
1-Jan-2013Equation-free computations as DDDAS protocols in the study of engineered granular crystalsWilliams, M.O.; Li, F.; Kevrekidis, P.; Daraio, C.; Kevrekidis, Yannis G.
1-Jan-2015Equation-free model reduction in agent-based computations: Coarse-grained bifurcation and variable-free rare event analysisLiu, P.; Siettos, C.I.; Gear, C. William; Kevrekidis, Yannis G.
1-Jul-2017An Exploration Algorithm for Stochastic Simulators Driven by Energy GradientsGeorgiou, Anastasia S.; Bello-Rivas, Juan M.; Gear, Charles William; Wu, Hau-Tieng; Chiavazzo, Eliodoro; et al
2016Extending Data-Driven Koopman Analysis to Actuated SystemsWilliams, Matthew O.; Hemati, Maziar S.; Dawson, Scott T.M.; Kevrekidis, Yannis G.; Rowley, Clarence W.
1-Feb-2013Hysteresis loops and multi-stability: From periodic orbits to chaotic dynamics (and back) in diatomic granular crystalsHoogeboom, C; Man, Y; Boechler, N; Theocharis, G; Kevrekidis, PG; et al
4-Apr-2012Kinetic Monte Carlo simulations of travelling pulses and spiral waves in the lattice Lotka-Volterra modelMakeev, Alexei G.; Kurkina, Elena S.; Kevrekidis, Yannis G.
1-Jan-2012Managing heterogeneity in the study of neural oscillator dynamicsLaing, CR; Zou, Yu; Smith, B; Kevrekidis, Yannis G.
8-Jun-2016Manifolds defined by points: Parameterizing and boundary detection (extended abstract)Gear, CW; Chiavazzo, E; Kevrekidis, Yannis G.
3-Jan-2013Mesoscopic model for microscale hydrodynamics and interfacial phenomena: slip, films, and contact-angle hysteresis.Colosqui, Carlos E.; Kavousanakis, Michail E.; Papathanasiou, Athanasios G.; Kevrekidis, Yannis G.
8-Jun-2012Model reduction for agent-based social simulation: Coarse-graining a civil violence modelZou, Yu; Fonoberov, VA; Fonoberova, M; Mezic, I; Kevrekidis, Yannis G.
Jan-2016Modeling epidemics on adaptively evolving networks: A data-mining perspectiveKattis, Assimakis A.; Holiday, Alexander; Stoica, Ana-Andreea; Kevrekidis, Yannis G.
1-Jan-2016Modeling heterogeneity in networks using polynomial chaosRajendran, Karthikeyan; Tsoumanis, Andreas C.; Siettos, CI; Laing, CR; Kevrekidis, Yannis G.
14-Nov-2013Nonlinear intrinsic variables and state reconstruction in multiscale simulationsDsilva, Carmeline J.; Talmon, R; Rabin, N; Coifman, RR; Kevrekidis, Yannis G.
23-Dec-2015Nonlinear resonances and antiresonances of a forced sonic vacuumPozharskiy, D; Zhang, Y; Williams, MO; McFarland, DM; Kevrekidis, PG; et al
1-Jan-2015On the acceleration of spatially distributed agent-based computations: A patch dynamics schemeLiu, P; Samaey, G; Gear, C. William; Kevrekidis, Yannis G.
2017Reconstructing ERK Signaling in the Drosophila Embryo from Fixed ImagesLim, Bomyi; Dsilva, Carmeline J.; Kevrekidis, Yannis G.; Shvartsman, Stanislav Y.