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Equation-free analysis of spike-timing-dependent plasticity

Author(s): Laing, Carlo R.; Kevrekidis, Yannis G.

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Abstract: Spike-timing-dependent plasticity is the process by which the strengths of connections between neurons are modified as a result of the precise timing of the action potentials fired by the neurons. We consider a model consisting of one integrate-and-fire neuron receiving excitatory inputs from a large number-here, 1000-of Poisson neurons whose synapses are plastic. When correlations are introduced between the firing times of these input neurons, the distribution of synaptic strengths shows interesting, and apparently low-dimensional, dynamical behaviour. This behaviour is analysed in two different parameter regimes using equation-free techniques, which bypass the explicit derivation of the relevant low-dimensional dynamical system. We demonstrate both coarse projective integration (which speeds up the time integration of a dynamical system) and the use of recently developed data mining techniques to identify the appropriate low-dimensional description of the complex dynamical systems in our model.
Publication Date: Dec-2015
Citation: Laing, Carlo R., Kevrekidis, Yannis G. (2015). Equation-free analysis of spike-timing-dependent plasticity. Biological Cybernetics, 109 (6), 701 - 714. doi:10.1007/s00422-015-0668-0
DOI: doi:10.1007/s00422-015-0668-0
ISSN: 0340-1200
EISSN: 1432-0770
Pages: 701 - 714
Language: eng
Type of Material: Journal Article
Journal/Proceeding Title: Biological Cybernetics
Version: Author's manuscript

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