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1-Jul-2013Autophagy suppresses progression of K-ras-induced lung tumors to oncocytomas and maintains lipid homeostasisGuo, JY; Karsli-Uzunbas, G; Mathew, R; Aisner, SC; Kamphorst, Jurre J; et al
26-Jul-2012Autophagy Suppresses RIP Kinase-Dependent Necrosis Enabling Survival to mTOR InhibitionBray, Kevin; Mathew, Robin; Lau, Alexandria; Kamphorst, Jurre J; Fan, Jing; et al
Oct-2017Bisphosphoglycerate mutase controls serine pathway flux via 3-phosphoglycerate.Oslund, Rob C; Su, Xiaoyang; Haugbro, Michael; Kee, Jung-Min; Esposito, Mark; et al
12-May-2015Characterizing the in vivo role of trehalose in Saccharomyces cerevisiae using the AGT1 transporterGibney, Patrick A; Schieler, Ariel; Chen, Jonathan C; Rabinowitz, Joshua D; Botstein, David
Apr-2018Common and divergent features of galactose-1-phosphate and fructose-1-phosphate toxicity in yeast.Gibney, Patrick A; Schieler, Ariel; Chen, Jonathan C; Bacha-Hummel, Jessie M; Botstein, Maxim; et al
10-Dec-2018Defective respiration and one-carbon metabolism contribute to impaired naïve T cell activation in aged miceRon-Harel, Noga; Notarangelo, Giulia; Ghergurovich, Jonathan M; Paulo, Joao A; Sage, Peter T; et al
25-Jun-2020A Dual-Mechanism Antibiotic Kills Gram-Negative Bacteria and Avoids Drug ResistanceMartin, James K; Sheehan, Joseph P; Bratton, Benjamin P; Moore, Gabriel M; Mateus, André; et al
Aug-2018Escherichia coli translation strategies differ across carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus limitation conditions.Li, Sophia Hsin-Jung; Li, Zhiyuan; Park, Junyoung O; King, Christopher G; Rabinowitz, Joshua D; et al
27-Jun-2018Four Key Steps Control Glycolytic Flux in Mammalian Cells.Tanner, Lukas Bahati; Goglia, Alexander G; Wei, Monica H; Sehgal, Talen; Parsons, Lance R; et al
Sep-2022Gut bacterial nutrient preferences quantified in vivoZeng, Xianfeng; Xing, Xi; Gupta, Meera; Keber, Felix C; Lopez, Jaime G; et al
Aug-2013Metabolite turns master regulatorRabinowitz, Joshua D; Silhavy, Thomas J
1-Jan-2011Metabolomics in Drug Target DiscoveryRabinowitz, Joshua D; Purdy, JG; Vastag, L; Shenk, Thomas E; Koyuncu, E
Jan-2019Minor Isozymes Tailor Yeast Metabolism to Carbon Availability.Bradley, Patrick H; Gibney, Patrick A; Botstein, David; Troyanskaya, Olga G; Rabinowitz, Joshua D
12-Jun-2018Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide is transported into mammalian mitochondriaDavila, Antonio; Liu, Ling; Chellappa, Karthikeyani; Redpath, Philip; Nakamaru-Ogiso, Eiko; et al
Jun-2016Reversal of Cytosolic One-Carbon Flux Compensates for Loss of the Mitochondrial Folate PathwayDucker, Gregory S; Chen, Li; Morscher, Raphael J; Ghergurovich, Jonathan M; Esposito, Mark; et al
15-Mar-2012RpoS proteolysis is controlled directly by ATP levels in Escherichia coliPeterson, Celeste N; Levchenko, Igor; Rabinowitz, Joshua D; Baker, Tania A; Silhavy, Thomas J
16-May-2013Saturated Very Long Chain Fatty Acids Are Required for the Production of Infectious Human Cytomegalovirus ProgenyKoyuncu, Emre; Purdy, John G; Rabinowitz, Joshua D; Shenk, Thomas
29-May-2020A tps1Δ persister-like state in Saccharomyces cerevisiae is regulated by MKT1Gibney, Patrick A; Chen, Anqi; Schieler, Ariel; Chen, Jonathan C; Xu, Yifan; et al