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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2014Gender inequality in deliberation: Unpacking the black box of interactionMendelberg, Tali; Karpowitz, Christopher F; Oliphant, J. Baxter
Feb-2019Dispute resolution institutions and strategic militarizationMeirowitz, Adam; Morelli, Massimo; Ramsay, Kristopher W.; Squintani, Francesco
3-Dec-2018Can information improve rural governance and service delivery?Kosec, Katrina; Wantchekon, Leonard
22-Dec-2014Does corruption information inspire the fight or quash the hope? A field experiment in Mexico on voter turnout, choice, and party identificationChong, Alberto; De La O, Ana L.; Karlan, Dean; Wantchekon, Leonard
2013Why hasn't democracy slowed rising inequality?Bonica, Adam; McCarty, Nolan; Poole, Keith T.; Rosenthal, Howard L.
Nov-2016Introduction: Big data in political economyMian, Atif R.; Rosenthal, Howard L.
1-Apr-2017A nonspeculation theorem with an application to committee designChen, Jidong; Fey, Mark; Ramsay, Kristopher W.
Oct-2013Can informed public deliberation overcome clientelism? Experimental evidence from BeninFujiwara, Thomas; Wantchekon, Leonard
31-Jul-2018Statistics as If Politics Mattered: A Reply to Fowler and HallAchen, Christopher H.; Bartels, Larry M.
16-May-2018Book Review: From Conflict to Coalition: Profit-Sharing Institutions and the Political Economy of Trade. By Adam Dean. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2016.Ahmed, Faisal Z