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The convergence of bird flocking

Author(s): Chazelle, Bernard

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Abstract: We bound the time it takes for a group of birds to stabilize in a standard flocking model. Each bird averages its velocity with its neighbors lying within a fixed radius. We resolve the worst-case complexity of this natural algorithm by providing asymptotically tight bounds on the time to equilibrium. We reduce the problem to two distinct questions in computational geometry and circuit complexity.
Publication Date: 1-Jul-2014
Electronic Publication Date: 2014
Citation: Chazelle, B. (2014). The convergence of bird flocking. Journal of the ACM, 61 (10.1145/2629613
DOI: doi:10.1145/2629613
Pages: 21-35
Type of Material: Journal Article
Journal/Proceeding Title: Journal of the ACM
Version: Author's manuscript

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