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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
2008Continuous Time Dynamic Topic ModelsWang, Chong; Blei, David M; Heckerman, David
18-Apr-2015Nested Hierarchical Dirichlet ProcessesPaisley, John; Wang, Chong; Blei, David M; Jordan, Michael I
Apr-2012Probabilistic topic modelsBlei, David M
2011Online variational inference for the hierarchical Dirichlet processWang, C; Paisley, J; Blei, DM
2012Nonparametric variational inference.Gershman, Samuel; Hoffman, Matthew D; Blei, David M
7-Oct-2011Predicting legislative roll calls from textGerrish, SM; Blei, DM
2007Nonparametric Bayes Pachinko AllocationLi, Wei; Blei, David M; McCallum, Andrew
2012Nonparametric variational inferenceGershman, Samuel; Hoffman, Matt; Blei, David
2012A Certificate Infrastructure for Machine-Checked Proofs of Conditional Information FlowAmtoft, T; Dodds, J; Zhang, Z; Appel, Andrew W.; Beringer, L, et al
1-Dec-2013Mostly sound type system improves a foundational program verifierDodds, J; Appel, Andrew W.