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Transformational Principles for NEON Sampling of Mammalian Parasites and Pathogens: A Response to Springer and Colleagues

Author(s): Cook, Joseph A.; Greiman, Stephen E.; Agosta, Salvatore J.; Anderson, Robert P.; Arbogast, Brian S.; et al

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dc.contributor.authorCook, Joseph A.-
dc.contributor.authorGreiman, Stephen E.-
dc.contributor.authorAgosta, Salvatore J.-
dc.contributor.authorAnderson, Robert P.-
dc.contributor.authorArbogast, Brian S.-
dc.contributor.authorBaker, Robert J.-
dc.contributor.authorBoeger, Walter-
dc.contributor.authorBradley, Robert D.-
dc.contributor.authorBrooks, Daniel R.-
dc.contributor.authorCole, Rebecca-
dc.contributor.authorDemboski, John R.-
dc.contributor.authorDobson, Andrew P.-
dc.contributor.authorDunnum, Jonathan L.-
dc.contributor.authorEckerlin, Ralph P.-
dc.contributor.authorEsselstyn, Jacob-
dc.contributor.authorGalbreath, Kurt E.-
dc.contributor.authorHawdon, John-
dc.contributor.authorHoekstra, Hopi E.-
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dc.contributor.authorPatterson, Bruce D.-
dc.contributor.authorPatton, James L.-
dc.contributor.authorPhillips, Anna J.-
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dc.contributor.authorRogers, Duke S.-
dc.contributor.authorSiddall, Mark E.-
dc.contributor.authorTkach, Vasyl V.-
dc.contributor.authorHoberg, Eric P.-
dc.identifier.citationCook, Joseph A, Greiman, Stephen E, Agosta, Salvatore J, Anderson, Robert P, Arbogast, Brian S, Baker, Robert J, Boeger, Walter, Bradley, Robert D, Brooks, Daniel R, Cole, Rebecca, Demboski, John R, Dobson, Andrew P, Dunnum, Jonathan L, Eckerlin, Ralph P, Esselstyn, Jacob, Galbreath, Kurt E, Hawdon, John, Hoekstra, Hopi E, Kutz, Susan J, Light, Jessica E, Olson, Link E, Patterson, Bruce D, Patton, James L, Phillips, Anna J, Rickart, Eric, Rogers, Duke S, Siddall, Mark E, Tkach, Vasyl V, Hoberg, Eric P. (2016). Transformational Principles for NEON Sampling of Mammalian Parasites and Pathogens: A Response to Springer and Colleagues. BioScience, 66 (11), 917 - 919. doi:10.1093/biosci/biw123en_US
dc.description.abstractSeen as an opportunity to establish a nationwide web of environmental monitoring sites (Kao et al. 2012), the National Environmental Observatory Network (NEON) is now releasing a series of protocols presented with apparently broad community support. Springer and colleagues (2016) outlined sampling designs aimed at understanding how changing environmental conditions will affect mammals and associated parasites.en_US
dc.format.extent917 - 919en_US
dc.rightsAuthor's manuscripten_US
dc.titleTransformational Principles for NEON Sampling of Mammalian Parasites and Pathogens: A Response to Springer and Colleaguesen_US
dc.typeJournal Articleen_US

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