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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
15-Jul-2015Tandem Duplications and the Limits of Natural Selection in Drosophila yakuba and Drosophila simulansRogers, Rebekah L.; Cridland, Julie M.; Shao, Ling; Hu, Tina T.; Andolfatto, Peter, et al
27-Dec-2012Disease Ecology, Biodiversity, and the Latitudinal Gradient in IncomeBonds, Matthew H.; Dobson, Andrew P.; Keenan, Donald C.
3-Feb-2015Dynamics of a morbillivirus at the domestic–wildlife interface: Canine distemper virus in domestic dogs and lionsViana, Mafalda; Cleaveland, Sarah; Matthiopoulos, Jason; Halliday, Jo; Packer, Craig, et al
Dec-2015Broad patterns in domestic vector-borne Trypanosoma cruzi transmission dynamics: synanthropic animals and vector controlPeterson, Jennifer K.; Bartsch, Sarah M.; Lee, Bruce Y.; Dobson, Andrew P.
Jun-2014Evidence of trade-offs shaping virulence evolution in an emerging wildlife pathogenWilliams, Paul D.; Dobson, Andrew P.; Dhondt, Keila V.; Hawley, Dana M.; Dhondt, André A.
26-May-2016Assessing Rotation-Invariant Feature Classification for Automated Wildebeest Population CountsTorney, Colin J.; Dobson, Andrew P.; Borner, Felix; Lloyd-Jones, David J.; Moyer, David, et al
Mar-2015Eight challenges in modelling disease ecology in multi-host, multi-agent systemsBuhnerkempe, Michael G.; Roberts, Mick G.; Dobson, Andrew P.; Heesterbeek, Hans; Hudson, Peter J., et al
23-Feb-2015Bartonella spp. in Fruit Bats and Blood-Feeding Ectoparasites in MadagascarBrook, Cara E.; Bai, Ying; Dobson, Andrew P.; Osikowicz, Lynn M.; Ranaivoson, Hafaliana C., et al
19-Jun-2014Crossing the Interspecies Barrier: Opening the Door to Zoonotic PathogensGortazar, Christian; Reperant, Leslie A.; Kuiken, Thijs; de la Fuente, José; Boadella, Mariana, et al
11-Jun-2013Parasites Affect Food Web Structure Primarily through Increased Diversity and ComplexityDunne, Jennifer A.; Lafferty, Kevin D.; Dobson, Andrew P.; Hechinger, Ryan F.; Kuris, Armand M., et al