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Computer Science

Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
Oct-2021A P4-based 5G User Plane FunctionMacDavid, Robert; Cascone, Carmelo; Lin, Pingping; Padmanabhan, Badhrinath; Thakur, Ajay; et al
27-Aug-2021Attenuated activation of pulmonary immune cells in mRNA-1273–vaccinated hamsters after SARS-CoV-2 infectionMeyer, Michelle; Wang, Yuan; Edwards, Darin; Smith, Gregory R.; Rubenstein, Aliza B.; et al
24-Aug-2021Comprehensive characterization of 536 patient-derived xenograft models prioritizes candidates for targeted treatmentSun, Hua; Cao, Song; Mashl, R. Jay; Mo, Chia-Kuei; Zaccaria, Simone; et al
6-Aug-2021A self-exciting point process to study multicellular spatial signaling patternsVerma, Archit; Jena, Siddhartha G.; Isakov, Danielle R.; Aoki, Kazuhiro; Toettcher, Jared E.; et al
Aug-2021Compositional optimizations for CertiCoqParaskevopoulou, Zoe; Li, John M; Appel, Andrew W
Aug-2021Deriving efficient program transformations from rewrite rulesLi, John M; Appel, Andrew W
18-May-2021A Permutation-Equivariant Neural Network Architecture For Auction DesignRahme, Jad; Jelassi, Samy; Bruna, Joan; Weinberg, S. Matthew
Apr-2021Differentiable Compound Optics and Processing Pipeline Optimization for End-to-end Camera DesignTseng, Ethan; Mosleh, Ali; Mannan, Fahim; St-Arnaud, Karl; Sharma, Avinash; et al
11-Jan-2021A multimodal and integrated approach to interrogate human kidney biopsies with rigor and reproducibility: guidelines from the Kidney Precision Medicine ProjectEl-Achkar, Tarek M.; Eadon, Michael T.; Menon, Rajasree; Lake, Blue B.; Sigdel, Tara K.; et al
2021Decomposable Obfuscation: A Framework for Building Applications of Obfuscation from Polynomial HardnessLiu, Qipeng; Zhandry, Mark
2021Designing Calibration and Expressivity-Efficient Instruction Sets for Quantum ComputingLao, Lingling; Murali, Prakash; Martonosi, Margaret; Browne, Dan
2021A Regret Minimization Approach to Iterative Learning ControlAgarwal, Naman; Hazan, Elad; Majumdar, Anirudha; Singh, Karan
2021Amortized Synthesis of Constrained Configurations Using a Differentiable SurrogateSun, Xingyuan; Xue, Tianju; Rusinkiewicz, Szymon; Adams, Ryan P.
2021Boosting for Online Convex OptimizationHazan, Elad; Singh, Karan
2021Boosting simple learnersAlon, Noga; Gonen, Alon; Hazan, Elad; Moran, Shay
2021Facebook's Tectonic Filesystem: Efficiency from ExascalePan, Satadru; Stavrinos, Theano; Zhang, Yunqiao; Sikaria, Atul; Zakharov, Pavel; et al
2021Don't be a blockhead: zoned namespaces make work on conventional SSDs obsoleteStavrinos, Theano; Berger, Daniel S; Katz-Bassett, Ethan; Lloyd, Wyatt
2021Causal network inference from gene transcriptional time-series response to glucocorticoidsLu, Jonathan; Dumitrascu, Bianca; McDowell, Ian C; Jo, Brian; Barrera, Alejandro; et al
2021Optimal marker gene selection for cell type discrimination in single cell analysesDumitrascu, Bianca; Villar, Soledad; Mixon, Dustin; Engelhardt, Barbara E
2021Technical perspective: Why don't today's deep nets overfit to their training data?Arora, Sanjeev