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School of Public and International Affairs

Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
4-May-2021Acting rapidly to deploy readily available methane mitigation measures by sector can immediately slow global warmingOcko, Ilissa B; Sun, Tianyi; Shindell, Drew; Oppenheimer, Michael; Hristov, Alexander N; et al
28-Dec-2020The Political Complexity of Coastal Flood Risk Reduction: Lessons for Climate Adaptation Public Works in the U.S.Rasmussen, DJ; Kopp, Robert E; Shwom, Rachael; Oppenheimer, Michael
12-Oct-2020Effect of border policy on exposure and vulnerability to climate changeBenveniste, Hélène; Oppenheimer, Michael; Fleurbaey, Marc
25-Jun-2020Implications of localized charge for human influenza A H1N1 hemagglutinin evolution: Insights from deep mutational scans.Saad-Roy, Chadi; Arinaminpathy, Nimalan; Wingreen, Ned; Levin, Simon; Akey, Joshua; et al
3-Jun-2020Climatological, virological and sociological drivers of current and projected dengue fever outbreak dynamics in Sri LankaWagner, Caroline E; Hooshyar, Milad; Baker, Rachel E; Yang, Wenchang; Arinaminpathy, Nimalan; et al
8-May-2020Dynamics in a simple evolutionary-epidemiological model for the evolution of an initial asymptomatic infection stage.Saad-Roy, Chadi; Wingreen, Ned; Levin, Simon; Grenfell, Bryan
1-May-2020Chapter 20: Modeling canine rabies virus transmission dynamicsRajeev, Malavika; Metcalf, C. Jessica E.; Hampson, Katie
27-Jan-2020A Flood Damage Allowance Framework for Coastal Protection With Deep Uncertainty in Sea Level RiseRasmussen, DJ; Buchanan, Maya K; Kopp, Robert E; Oppenheimer, Michael
20-Jan-2020Antarctic Ice Sheet and emission scenario controls on 21st-century extreme sea-level changesFrederikse, Thomas; Buchanan, Maya K; Lambert, Erwin; Kopp, Robert E; Oppenheimer, Michael; et al
Jan-2020Another Progressive's Dilemma: Immigration, the Radical Right & Threats to Gender EqualityDancygier, Rafaela M.
4-Dec-2019Epidemic dynamics of respiratory syncytial virus in current and future climatesBaker, Rachel E; Mahmud, Ayesha S; Wagner, Caroline E; Yang, Wenchang; Pitzer, Virginia E; et al
1-Dec-2019Rising geographic inequality in mortality in the United StatesVierboom, YC; Preston, SH; Hendi, Arun S.
6-Sep-2019Values, Bias, and Stressors Affect Intentions to Adapt to Coastal Flood Risk: A Case Study from New York CityBuchanan, Maya K; Oppenheimer, Michael; Parris, Adam
Sep-2019Trends in Non-Hispanic White Mortality in the United States by Metropolitan-Nonmetropolitan Status and Region, 1990-2016Elo, Irma T.; Hendi, Arun S.; Ho, Jessica Y.; Vierboom, Yana C.; Preston, Samuel H.
Aug-2019ADHD Remission, Inclusive Special Education, and Socioeconomic DisparitiesKim, Margeum; King, Marissa D.; Jennings, Jennifer L.
18-Jun-2019Humans adapt to social diversity over time.Ramos, Miguel R.; Bennett, Matthew R.; Massey, Douglas S.; Hewstone, Miles
4-Jun-2019Ice sheet contributions to future sea-level rise from structured expert judgmentBamber, Jonathan L; Oppenheimer, Michael; Kopp, Robert E; Aspinall, Willy P; Cooke, Roger M
3-Jun-2019A response to Correia et al.Burivalova, Zuzana; Butler, Rhett A; Wilcove, David S.
1-Jun-2019How segregated is urban consumption?Davis, Donald R; Dingel, Jonathan I; Monras, Joan; Morales, Eduardo
Jun-2019The effect of house prices on household borrowing: A new approachCloyne, James; Huber, Kilian; Ilzetzki, Ethan; Kleven, Henrik J.