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Publication DateArticle TitleAuthor(s)
Aug-2014Probabilistic 21st and 22nd century sea-level projections at a global network of tide-gauge sitesKopp, Robert E.; Horton, Radley M.; Little, Christopher M.; Mitrovica, Jerry X.; Oppenheimer, Michael, et al
Jan-2013Subtyping Ageism: Policy Issues in Succession and ConsumptionNorth, Michael S.; Fiske, Susan T.
1-Dec-2017Evolving Understanding of Antarctic Ice-Sheet Physics and Ambiguity in Probabilistic Sea-Level ProjectionsKopp, Robert E.; DeConto, Robert M.; Bader, Daniel A.; Hay, Carling C.; Horton, Radley M., et al
May-2016Warmth and Competence in AnimalsSevillano, VerĂ³nica; Fiske, Susan T.
Jan-2012The Innuendo Effect: Hearing the Positive but Inferring the NegativeKervyn, Nicolas; Bergsieker, Hilary B.; Fiske, Susan T.
Sep-2013Their pain, our pleasure: stereotype content and schadenfreudeCikara, Mina; Fiske, Susan T.
Feb-2012Warmth and Competence: Stereotype Content Issues for Clinicians and Researchers.Fiske, Susan T.
Sep-2013Warmth Trumps Competence in Evaluations of Both Ingroup and OutgroupHack, Tay; Goodwin, Stephanie A.; Fiske, Susan T.
Jun-2012Investigation of land ice-ocean interaction with a fully coupled ice-ocean model: 1. Model description and behaviorGoldberg, D.N.; Little, C.M.; Sergienko, Olga V.; Gnanadesikan, A.; Hallberg, Robert W., et al
1-May-2014The effectiveness of cool and green roofs as urban heat island mitigation strategiesLi, Dan; Bou-Zeid, Elie R.; Oppenheimer, Michael